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“A passionate content marketing firm with the potential to help you reach your endeavors.”

SingJohn comprises content writers & creators from diverse backgrounds allowing our clients to get diverse and unique content. A company that works to help your business gain recognition on the internet and enjoy high traffic. We provide the best content services in the market and the quality that differentiates us from our competitors.

Content Writing Services

Content Delivery With Exclusive Service

Ranking your website at the top is all about creating the right content with SEO used in a balanced way.
The content should be original and not spun, which are skills that professional content writers possess. Here at
SingJohn, we have content professionals who are skilled in helping you deliver quality content.

Content Niches.

Our team of dedicated content writers & creators come from diverse educational & professional backgrounds. Therefore, we have the potential to cater content from different topics of interest. Furthermore, diverse educational backgrounds allow our team the necessary background qualifications required to understand topics and generate content as per the client’s needs.

We are a content writing firm that caters to several industries and delivers a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.


Help Business organizations develop a website and create content for the target audience.

Help Business owners transform their brand image into inspiring texts.

Aid Agencies to create and provide high-quality content in specified niches.


Provide content to Publishers which is not plagiarized.

Foundation of SingJohn Content Delivery

SingJohn believes in providing the best quality backed content with professional services and support.
Therefore, we pledge to provide you content built on the foundation of:


Quality is of utmost importance when it comes to content writing. This is because it reflects the ideals of the business organization and establishes respect and trust. Therefore, while availing of our service, we ensure that the best quality content is provided. Furthermore, our dedicated team of professional writers is carefully vetted, and opportunities are provided only to skilled and qualified content writers. We use web services like Grammarly, Copyscape and run Flesch-Kincaid readability tests to ensure high-quality content is provided.



As a content marketing firm, we understand the importance of consistency and content delivery on time. Unlike our competitors, we hate procrastinators. Therefore, we ensure to meet the deadlines on time without compromising the content quality. Having years of experience in the field, we understand client requirements efficiently and deliver content that meets high standards, personalized to client needs. You will not diminish your brand’s voice as the integrity is preserved with our highly-trained content writers.

Uncompromised Quantity

Uncompromised Quantity

There is a myth that Quantity and Quality do not go hand-in-hand. However, SingJohn is here to bust that myth. Our team is well-trained to meet deadlines. Furthermore, we have well-organized and automated management systems. We have become a well-oiled machine by years of professional experience in the field. Hence, we have developed to provide high-volume content as per the client’s needs.

Type Of Content Delivered

SingJohn is a versatile firm who have the potential of providing content
that taps various content writing domains, which includes:
SEO Article Writing Service

SEO Article Writing Service

We have a dedicated team of SEO experts that aids in providing target keywords. The target keywords are then creatively used in articles for the growth of your brand. Moreover, we have excellent writers whose articles rank first in Google search results or SERP; hence, if you plan on widening your target audience, avail of our services.

Product Description and Review Articles

Product Description and Review Articles

Our writers have professional experience in the commercial field. Being a content marketing firm, our expertise in target audience strategy has made us skilled in delivering product descriptions to attract potential buyers. We also help to create sales pitches by reviewing products and writing comparison articles for engagement and stimulating buyer’s strategy.

eBook Writing Services

eBook, White Paper, and Pitch Decks

Whether you need B2B content or customer-delivered content, SingJohn is here to help. We have experienced writers who have delivered eBooks & White Paper for staffing Firms, IT & Healthcare, and other industrial domains to help expand their Business. We also have professional experience in helping start-ups create pitch decks to gain investors.

Blog Style Writing

Blog Style Writing

We are qualified professionals and Grammar Nerds when it comes to writing Blogs. Our creative mindsets help us view topics from a different perspective that aids in providing unique content that is not spun. We are a team of passionate writers that believe in attracting customers with well-written blogs. So if your brand story is left untold or you have no words to describe it, SingJohn is here to give voice to your brand.

Web Content Copyright and Re-write

Web Content Copyright and Re-write

Content writing is not every individual’s cup of tea. Many businesses understand the importance of having good content to project trust and credibility while establishing a target audience pool. However, they lack the professional experience of content writing, and their websites fail to rank first in SERP.

At SingJohn, we re-write web content following industrial standards that aid in ranking your web page first in SERP. A subtle message of the reader’s brain is the skill our writers have developed to attract a wide range of customers and expand your business. Therefore, we turn scrap material into a customer magnet.

Why Should You Hire A Content Marketing Firm?

Firstly, content marketing firms have a team of professional writers that help in content optimization. This means that your website will compete with other web pages to rank first in the SERP. This is an important attribute for online businesses (local or international) as potential customers will easily find you on the net. Professional content writers help identify your target audience and develop content that attracts these target audiences to boost your sales and generate traffic. Statistics indicated that more than 72% of business organizations had achieved success by hiring content marketing firms. SingJohn is a content marketing firm that has the potential to boom your business and helps you reach your endeavors.

“A firm that is dedicated to meet client needs.”

Content Marketing

Our Clients Say

To us, a satisfied client is our biggest asset. We believe in building an everlasting bond with our clients. 

Content being an important part of your website and SEO, I was very skeptical in choosing the content writing company, but after much research and peer recommendations I choose singhjohn.com. it proved to be the best decision for my online business. These guys are wizards at content writing. they understand your product, requirement, customer and then deliver the content, thus making it an instant hit with the audience as well as the SERPs. Highly recommended.

Angela Lucy

(Tarot reader), New York

We started our business in 2015, but it was only after 2018 when we took the services of singjohn.com for our website content, our business finally took off. It was only after we started using consumer-oriented, well-researched content we began to realize the real benefits of good content. Our online sales have exceeded offline sales, and from a team of two, we are now a team of 35 people and increasing. All thanks to the amazing content of these guys.

Maggie Scales

(Baker and chef), New Orleans

We understood the power of content writing when we hired writers of singjohn. Our sales were down and our website was nowhere near the niche leaders. But after using content from these people, our SERP ranking started to pick up and now we are dominating the niche for about 3 months. The business we were about to close is now giving us profits in multiples. All within 6 months of quality content.

Shepherd Tipton

(Pine Bluff), Arkansas


What is SingJohn?

SingJohn is a content marketing firm that comprises of skilled and quailed content writing experts. An organization that provides articles, blogs, eBooks, and other content services in various industrial domains.

Does SingJohn have the potential to deliver clients with bulk content?

A well-managed organization with a team of experienced writers definitely has the potential to deliver clients high-volume content each month.

How do you check for Grammar, Plagiarism, and Spun content?

We use platforms like Grammarly, CopyScape, and Spun checker in addition to the manual check and proofreading.

Have your articles ranked first in SERP?

Yes! Our writers have written articles that have ranked first in SERP multiple times.

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