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SingJohn writes content for businesses and advertising agencies all over
the U.S. and other 15 countries all over the world.

Our Specialties

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SingJohn’s Strategy

There is a soft corner between 10,000 average writers and two extremely costly ones. SingJohn is that soft corner.

Different writing formats, different points of view, and content matter proficiency result in exquisite con.

We try to use technology in maximum cases. Computed procedures permit you to create content speedily.

Our four ingredients keep quality on the fleek and everything under control.

There’s More…

Promising Awesome Writers

We do not have writers with 1, 2, or 3 star-rated writers; we have writers who meet our high-quality expectations.

  • Out of a hundred applicants, only 4 of them are selected to become writers here at SingJohn; we develop more focus beforehand.
  • Most of them are highly educated with a master’s degree.
  • By checking in Q/A, they keep check-in standards high.

The writers find you and then match you based on proficiency

You don’t have to pay for the writer’s time, but purchase the writer’s product.

  • SingJohn’s writer only writes the drafts on your topic’s submission. So, you can purchase fragments of it.
  • Writers are motivated to work for their particular proficiency. When you buy their content, they will also get paid. So, it is a win-win situation.
  • The best writers come to the top. Writers who are not getting any work will be removed after some time.

Asks for your feedback continuously

Asking for feedback on the loop makes better content along with more density.

  • After sharing the feedback, writers will read the feedback and keep them in mind before writing any content for you.
  • With feedback, the writers’ work will get polished.
  • You will be able to save time.

Subscription format

A calm but flexible series of content assists in keeping your content advertising on the bay.

  • If your site is full of exquisite content, then it would attract a lot of buyers. But, content writing is tough.
  • Content provided by our writers nourishes our digital advertising target.
  • While working with competitors, you have to request one at a time and then do it all over again. With SingJohn’s subscription models, we construct long-lasting relationships with our clients.

Frequently Asked Questions

Related to SinghJohn’s Basics

What is SingJohn?

It is a niche for creating content. However, we are committed to making high-quality content that enables SEO for virtual agencies and businesses. Our relationship with the 3,000 writers is proficient in more than 40 different businesses.

Our writers can flourish their careers with the easiest freelance programs. According to us, better content comes from happy minds. All we ask for is intelligence and support in their achievement.

What are the types of businesses you write content for?

We write content for advertising agencies and different enterprises all over the U.S. and 15 other countries all over the planet. This consists of large franchise enterprises, enterprise businesses, and companies of literally any vertical and industry.

What if I am too busy to supervise the platform myself?

Professional services might be able to take the burden off your shoulders. Our 24 hours service is perfect for enterprises that do not have requirements, time, or resources to get some help from the niche. It is helpful for new companies who have a lot on their plate. We can also get you an account manager to help you with your platform.

How is the plagiarism checked here?

Plagiarism is not an easy deal and is taken seriously because it might be big sabotage for the brand. We check plagiarism by pasting our content on an anti-plagiarism software that compares our content by million pages and checks the content piece by piece.

I require a lot of content; will you be able to do that?

We write content for a lot of businesses and companies and high-profile clients every month.
You can have a look at the case studies.

Related To Content Making

What are the types of content you make?

We give our services for almost all types of content, from newsletters and blogs to pillar content, ebooks, product elaboration, and engagement videos; we write content from them all.

Will you be able to assist me with promotion, publication, and placement?

We can assist you in publishing but not with promotion and placement. We can show the procedure of setting up WordPress and HubSpot just after you sign up so that you will be able to send your content on one of them in just a minute.

Are you willing to write for hyper-platform businesses and hyper-local businesses?

Recondite and arcane is our expertise. Our team of writers gives exclusive geographic coverage for the franchise and local requirements.

Related To Writers

What makes your writers better than anyone else?

We don’t have writers with ratings, but we have writers who meet the clients’ high expectations. Whenever a new writer is hired, we keep a check on them by Q/A.

How am I supposed to tell the writer about my requirements?

You can tell about your requirements while content-specific preferences and onboarding by the requests manager.

Onboarding is made for capturing your trademark’s requirements and particular audience as fastly and proficiently as possible. You can tell your requirements or any particular needs to the manager. You can tell your manager about the subject type, details regarding your topic, title, CTAs, links for the research, SEO description, and any other dates you might want to add.

We have been giving our content request and onboarding services after a lot of experience helping our clients. We have designed the niche to assist you in getting the right content that you require for yourself.

How do you edit the document?

Order unlimited edit at no additional price. The normal procedure looks like changes in google docs, and then the document is corrected at Grammarly to get the satisfactory document.

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