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Are you stuck at creating an effective blog? Does it take hours for you to develop content for your website? Voila! There you are, partner with SingJohn and spend a handful of minutes weekly to track your content development progress that would have taken you forever to get there!





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We at SingJohn create content to convert with subtlety and not bearing the aim alone in mind. Our content is not targeted at making sales appeal only; our writers offer comfort to the audience through their inviting and friendly approach to feel at home and comfortable sharing their feedback or queries. We create an open environment for providing answers to the audiences as we focus on helping. Our content is highly personalized as per the needs of the clients.

So, if you are looking for great conversions, SingJohn is the answer! Our team of highly experienced writers delivers you the most qualitative content, getting high SEO rankings and fairly good visibility on the social media platform.

We are The Best Blog Management Service you wouldn’t want to miss partnering with us!

Blog Writing Services For Small Business

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Hiring SingJohn will give you a customized Blog Management Service that will increase your rankings and generate inflated leads for your brand! We offer the most effective and comprehensive blog management solution.

Why Do You Need
Blog Management For Your Business?

Suppose you want to expand your business, and you want to derive the maximum benefits of the plethora of opportunities available online. In that case, SingJohn has the perfect and quintessence solution to offer you, which is Blog Management. Let’s take a look at some of the key selling features of our Blog Management Service here:

Keyword Research

Our team spends qualitative time researching and analyzing the relevant and highly discoverable SEO keywords for your content.

High-Quality Graphics

Our team of graphic designers comes up with high-quality images that make your content look appealing and compelling.


Blog Publishing

Yeah! Yeah! You got that correct; we’ll publish content on your blog per the schedule; isn’t that icing on the cake?

Blog Calendar

You’ll be kept in the loop for the content that needs to be posted on your blog for a particular month.

Link Building

Well, that’s not all. Here’s more to it! To boost your rankings, off-page SEO activities will be carried out.

Idea Generation

We help you develop content structure and ideas based on keywords.

SERP Ranking

While maintaining the integrity of the content on your blogs, we’ll help you scale up on your ranking on a search engine result page. Making sure that that content is 100% original, unique and intriguing at the same hand.


Blog Writing

Our experienced and subject matter experts will be briefed and assigned your content development as per your requirements.

Bi-Monthly Blog Traffic Report

Bi-Monthly Blog Traffic Report

We will share the traffic report of your blog twice every month that’ll depict the number of views on your post.

Bi-Monthly Ranking Report

Bi-Monthly Ranking Report

We will share keyword rankings for your blog with you that we write twice a month.

Types Of Business Consulting Clients We Serve

Written with precision as per your content brief and requirements,
SingJohn has quite a lot to offer you:

  • Content Writing Services
    for Your Blog
  • Drive Conversion
  • Through Content
  • Monthly Blog Management
  • Health Care
  • E-Commerce
  • Real Estate
  • Financial Investing
  • Graphic Designing
  • Home Maintenance
  • Pet Care
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How Does It Work?

Let’s get you started!

1. Choosing a Blog Management Package

Call us, and we’ll help you choose a blog management package that is best suitable for your business.

2. Fill Our Form

Help us understand your SEO strategy by filling up a form that will take you less than five minutes to fill, and we will serve you the best.

3. Approve Keywords and Content Calendar

Post filling up the form, you will get keywords and a content planner, which will be based on our thorough research, and you can let us know what part of it you would want us to work on.

4. Review the Content Before Posting

We’ll share your first draft of the post for approval within a week of buying our package. You’ll be invited to give your inputs that you might want to incorporate or remove from the content before publishing it.

5. Monitor Results

You’ll be kept in the loop twice a week for analyzing your website’s ranking and the traffic it gathers, which includes the posts written for you since day one.

6. Start of New Month

We provide monthly service. Each month you will receive a monthly planner consisting of keywords and a blog calendar.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need blog management?

A consistently maintained blog starts yielding good results and draws significant traction on your website. First, however, you need to build original and relevant content, post regularly, provide good links, and be proactive in answering your audience’s queries.

Sounds overwhelming, RIGHT! This blog management service does all these painstaking tasks on your behalf too efficiently and in no time.

Who is this service for?

If you cannot invest significant time and energy in developing content for your website consistently, then SingJohn’s Blog Management Service is tailored. When you purchase this service, we’ll assume all your responsibilities, from content development to online marketing and publishing it on various platforms. So you need to sit back, relax, shell out a couple of minutes weekly to review our work and give your valuable feedback.

How will blog publishing work?

Once you approve the content developed by our team, you’ll have to give us access to edit and post it on your website. It will take less than five minutes if you have a WordPress blog. Whatsoever the case may be, the project manager assigned to you will walk you through the whole process. Every draft will be approved by you first before hitting the publish button. This will continue until we come on the same page. Later, we can post content directly. All of this truly depends on how you want us to operate.

What if I need revisions on your work?

You can feel free to ask for as many reviews as you want; we would be happy to serve you well. There’s no additional charge or limits to the review; our policy is customer-centric.

Is there a monthly contract?

This is a monthly service, and you will be charged every month. You can feel free to discontinue our service at any time without incurring any penalty.

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Are you sorted now? Do you need more assistance? Please feel free to contact ourteam @ or visit our website.