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On this day, the Internet is taking over our lives like we never imagined before. Thus, it is only natural that businesses would want to tap the Internet’s full potential to take their companies to the zenith of success. The content marketers working in such companies have the single most important job: content creation. A consuming responsibility, to say the least, content creation is crucial as it forms the bridge between the audience and the company, not to mention, it keeps up the revenue.

Content creation essentially means recognizing a new topic that needs to be written about, formalizing a strategy regarding keywords, and deciding the type of content that needs to be created. Content has many forms such as eBook, infographic, tweet, blog post, advertisement, etc.

Content Creation

The writers at SingJohn are well-versed in each of the forms of content and know the distinctions which set them apart. With such expertise and expertise as theirs, the writers of SingJohn create content for businesses and marketing agencies all across the U.S. they also create content for businesses in 15 countries across the globe. SingJohn is thus, what you would call, a cornucopia of content. Besides blog posts, website content, press releases, and newsletters, SingJohn also specializes in white papers, eBooks, pillar content, product description, and much more.

How Does SingJohn Operate?

A content creation agency can only work well when the writers know what they are doing. There is a world of difference between a company with over a thousand writers who merely get the work done and a company with a select team of 10 writers, all of whom are experts in their fields. Plus, there are quite a few other factors that make small but substantial differences.


In the example mentioned above of the two companies, it is natural to expect that the latter company would charge more for its services, and that is the reality. But no one can afford to incorporate mediocre content in their content marketing strategy. The solution? SingJohn. SingJohn is a company that has a select group of writers who never fail to do the job and do it well. Yet, it charges very reasonably for its services.


SingJohn is a hub for unique views and perspectives, different writing styles, and people with an all-encompassing knowledge of the subject matter, which combines with their skills, helps produce excellent content.


At SingJohn, technology does a lot of work, leading to accurate, error-free content ahead of time. Besides that, automated processes can handle churn out an ample amount of content as well.

What Sets Apart SingJohn From Other
Content Creation Companies?

The four points listed below ensures that each content provided by SingJohn is of industry-
leading quality and that the pricing is reasonable.

A Team Of Great Writers:

SingJohn doesn’t curate writers who are anything but the best. SingJohn is made up of a team of writers who never fail to meet the high standards of this company.

  • Only 4% of all the people who apply to SingJohn get the chance to become one of the writers here. Thus, everyone who applies here is screened rigorously to ensure that they have the necessary skills.
  • Our team of writers comprises of GCs, JDs, and even PhDs. Many of the writers here are HubSpot Inbound-certified as well.
  • 23% of writers at SingJohn either hold Master’s degrees or even higher degrees than that.
A Team Of Great Writers
Content Creation

Our Writers Will Exercise Their Expertise According To Your Specifications:

AT SingJohn, you do not have to pay a writer for their time. Instead, you can purchase a product from a writer!

  • You can request the content you require at SingJohn, and the writers will prepare drafts for you. You can select the pieces you like and pay for them alone.
  • SingJohn’s writers are motivated to find such clients who require their field of expertise in specific subject matters. When you like and select their content, they earn. A win-win situation if you ask us!
  • SingJohn prides itself in curating the best set of writers. The writers whose works don’t sell can’t stay in the group.

A Perpetual Loop Of Feedback:

People can’t improve unless they get feedback for their work and we, at SingJohn acknowledge that. Thus, there is a continuous loop of feedback that helps our writers create better content consistently.

  • When clients share their feedback, our writers go through it and acknowledges the changes that you require in your content for the future.
  • We keep a record of all the feedback our clients give over time so that as more writers join and write for you, they know what you require.
  • Most importantly, a feedback loop acts as a communication bridge between clients and writers. As new writers join the group, they can easily adapt by reading the feedbacks by you and knowing what is expected of them.
A Perpetual Loop Of Feedback

Subscription Plans and Pricing

Subscription Plans and Pricing:

Our subscription plans are flexible, enabling you to keep the steady flow of excellent content coming from us at your own pace. Your content marketing strategy will thus, never go off track. We have monthly plans available, and you don’t even have to sign a contract!


A crucial part of your content marketing strategy would be your website. Without great content on it to keep the customers coming, it will, of course, hamper your company. We acknowledge it, but as you probably know, writing isn’t easy. SingJohn never compromises on quality and helps you achieve all your content and digital marketing goals. SingJohn prizes lasting relationships with all its clients, which is why when you choose your subscription plan, you can have things move at your own pace.


What if I need a lot of content?

SingJohn creates over a thousand pieces of content for their clients every month. Many of our clients include high-volume enterprise ones and agency customers.

How does SingJohn check for plagiarism in content?

All pieces of content that the writers create goes through the rigorous screening algorithm at SingJohn. Moreover, our writers are incentivized to report if ever they come across plagiarism. SingJohn has rigid policies that each piece of content sent to their clients are completely original.

Can SingJohn help clients with publishing, placement, and promotion?

We can help you with publishing content, but we don’t handle placement or promotion. We will also help you understand HubSpot integrations and WordPress when you decide to sign up.

What type of content don't you create?

We don’t create content for social media. We also don’t do case studies, term papers, HR manuals, Email campaigns, and Jumbotron text.

How does SingJohn verify that the writers they hire are from the U.S?

SingJohn creates over a thousand pieces of content for their clients every month. Many of our clients include high-volume enterprise ones and agency customers.

How are the pieces of content edited?

Our clients can request any number of edits free of charge. However, the actual editing process involves you going through each line with our writers, pointing out the changes you need.

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