Copywriter Services For Health And Beauty

As a copywriting firm for health and beauty, we spend time understanding your company, the public,
and your trade objectives. As a result, we can now offer branded health copywriting services to our clients…
So, whether you need SEO copy, product descriptions, or guest articles, we know how to offer high-quality
health and beauty copywriting optimized for humans and search engines.

Starting from only $9/page
Copywriter Services For Health And Beauty

In The Interests Of Your Company’s Health

  • Our beauty content and wellness team has strong professional expertise in the marketing of health content.
  • Create your brand as a trusted health and beauty authority—a huge and diversified market.
  • Give your audience original and attractive material for beauty gurus, amateur lovers, or pros.
  • Wellness copywriters and alternative health experts are among the members of our beauty content writing team. This diverse group may be used to produce well-researched and interesting articles spanning almost every specialty of health and beauty.

“Our beauty and health copywriters offer a distinct viewpoint to the table, allowing us to
create material for a broader range of industry themes. Our clients represent both classic
and non-traditional health and beauty brands in the market.”

What Can We Do To Assist?


Specialized content geared at specific categories of your consumer base or stages of your sales funnel will help you stand out.


Allow our health copywriters to create high-quality blog content that will improve traffic and engagement.


Our beauty and health writers stay current on industry news and trends to provide relevant, accurate content to your site users and consumers.

We Serve Many Types Of Health And Beauty Clients

  • Blogs about beauty
  • Retailers of cosmetics
  • Blogs about health
  • Alternative health care practitioners
  • Organizations dedicated to health and wellness
  • Blogs about hair and stylists
  • Surgeons who specialize in cosmetic surgery
  • Nutritionists
  • Blogs on living a healthy lifestyle
  • Dentists that specialize in cosmetic dentistry
  • Expert in skincare
  • Spas and salons

Our Strategy Is As Follows

I require writers with more than skin-deep experience

Ours are substantial! Lifestyle coaches, health bloggers/columnists/authors, licensed cosmetologists, trained makeup artists, beauty consultants, licensed massage therapists, models, Certified Holistic Herbalists, body, bath business owners, salon owners, beauty supply specialists, hairstylists, makeup artists, beauticians, etc.

Can you explain how it works?

Our content request system connects you with health and beauty writers who will generate jaw-dropping articles for your website, beauty blog, or health-related company. Within 72 hours, the majority of clients receive their first piece of material to evaluate.

Get a facial while you wait for your material to be delivered after you’ve entered the details of your request. Then, review your draughts, accept, refuse, or request limitless revisions at no additional cost.

How do I inform your beauty writers of my requirements?

We have a custom-developed content request system that sends your requests to our beauty writers swiftly and efficiently. Our onboarding and content request procedures allow you to express critical information such as the target audience, tone, and voice for the content piece. Consider it a cosmetics tutorial for content development!

How do I specify my requirements to your writers?

You enjoy it when folks get what you’re saying the first time, don’t you? So we’ve designed a technique to swiftly and efficiently get our authors up to speed.

Our onboarding and content request procedures let you convey intent, audience, voice, and personality from the start, so you don’t have to repeat yourself. We strive to match your foundation perfectly!

Do I have to pay per article?

You create a monthly plan depending on the content writing services you require, including the number of articles, word length, and extra services. Our memberships are month-to-month options with no commitments. Check out our prices.
You only pay for the material you want when you use us.

Who is the owner of the content?

You control 100% of the rights to this item when you purchase material from us. In addition, you have the option of naming yourself, your company, or your hairdresser as the author. Each piece of material is one-of-a-kind, and we will never repeat the same piece of content twice.

Checking plagiarism:

Is Vitamin A beneficial to your skin? Yes! We use a native screening algorithm for all new material submissions to identify plagiarism faster than you can say “salicylic acid.” We also rely on a fantastic group of writers who are encouraged and rewarded for detecting plagiarism. In addition, every customer receives original material to develop trust with their followers and expand their beauty firms and businesses.

What are the content topics that I should request?

Anything that you believe would enthrall, entertain, or educate your audience. Our senior copywriters and freelance health and beauty writers have extensive expertise in writing. In addition, they regularly provide helpful material such as how-tos, comparisons, product descriptions, product copy, and promotional content.

We can, however, think beyond the box! When it comes to health and beauty goods, trends come and go rapidly. We keep up with the latest industry trends (and the Kardashians, if that’s your thing) to provide your consumers with the greatest content experience possible.

Our professional team of health authors and digital marketers is always looking for new subjects to investigate and create traffic-generating content for.

Are you available to write for my industry niche?

We’d put our money on it! We have a team of beauty copywriters, skincare copywriters, health copywriters, and alternative health copywriters who have worked in the health, wellness, and cosmetics industries. We’re always up for tackling new and exciting subjects in cosmetics, hair, alternative medicine, natural wellness, and more! We’re ready to produce content magic, whether you need to evaluate nightly moisturizers for your audience or look into the advantages of cosmetic dentistry.

Why Should You Choose Us?

Expertise in the field

Expertise in the field

Turnaround time

Turnaround time is 48-72 hours.

A system that is simple to utilize.

Only purchase stuff that you enjoy.


What types of businesses do you develop content for?

We develop content for marketing agencies and businesses in the United States and 15 other countries worldwide. This includes huge franchise enterprises, enterprise businesses, and businesses in practically every industry and vertical.

We collaborate with digital marketing agencies, content marketing agencies, ad agencies, SEO agencies, PR agencies, E-commerce agencies, full-service agencies, and lean, bootstrapped businesses on the agency side.

What method do you use to check for plagiarism?

We take plagiarism very seriously since we understand how devastating it can be to a company’s reputation. Therefore, we check for plagiarism in three phases before sending content to our customers:

  • We employ the most effective anti-plagiarism software available, which analyses every piece of content authored by one of our authors and compares it to millions and millions of pages on the internet to detect duplicate information
  • When auditioning to become our writer, all of our authors must sign a plagiarism pledge, pass a rigorous plagiarism test, and demonstrate that they properly and thoroughly cite sources. We have a stringent no-tolerance policy in place, and any writer who violates it is permanently banned from our system.
  • Finally, as an additional degree of security, we employ a proprietary internal system stacked on top of stages 1 and 2. We keep this method hidden to make it more difficult to avoid.

Could you assist me with the publication, placement, and promotion?

Publishing, yes. Placement and promotion, no.
As soon as you sign up, we’ll walk you through how to set up our free WordPress and HubSpot connectors so that you can send content to either platform with a single click.

I require a large amount of content. Are you capable of doing so?

Every month, we develop thousands of articles for customers of agencies and high-volume business customers.

What makes your writing more effective?

We don’t have one-, two-, or three-star writers here; we only have writers who match our high requirements. Every new writer is thoroughly verified, and QA check-ins help us maintain high standards.

How do I convey my requirements to your writers?

During onboarding, you’ll be able to brief authors on your general preferences, as well as topic-specific preferences, through the Requests Manager.

Onboarding is intended to capture your brand’s requirements as well as your target audience as rapidly as possible. You’ll brief writers on the exact pieces of material you require in the Requests Manager. You’ll define the content type, title (if you have one), topic description, research links, CTAs, SEO details, and any other elements you wish to include.

Over years of experience, we’ve refined our onboarding and content request procedures to help customers express intent, audience, voice, and personality.

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