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Capture Leads Through Ebooks

eBook Writing Services

Engaging your audience through thought-provoking content is a brilliant idea as it yields the most SEO benefits.

This is a great way of taping talent as well. Qualified and experienced content writers and SMEs can come on a common platform to share their knowledge through ebooks. In a nutshell, an ebook provides a great opportunity to all those who want to deep dive into your industry-relevant content, earn themselves some credibility and money. On the same hand, your brand gets decent visibility.

But, wait! Would you want to go through a horrendous exercise of scrutinizing good writers? Won’t that be tiring and draining? Moreover, trial and error may cost your business a lot in money, time, and quality. So, here’s the good news for you: SingJohn has a diverse team of subject matter experts who are well equipped to tackle all the ebook-related logistics. In addition, you can count on us to outsource your content writing work.

Our clients testify for the quality work and an excellent team of vintage writers.

Ebook Content Structure

  • Interactive, well-analyzed content from subject-matter expert writers.
  • Infinite edits at no extra charge.
  • A 24/7 human helpline is available by the SingJohn team.
  • Result as clean text or HTML for easy transformation to PDF or send to your designer.

Yeah, but while most ebook writing services are not worth trying, SingJohn and team are in the game.

Guess What Differentiates Us From Others?

  • Amazing writers—We don’t have 1-star, 2-star, and 3-star writers. We have writers that fulfill all the high needs and requirements, and that’s it.
  • Writers choose you & match on proficiency—instead of paying an ebook writer on an hourly basis, buy their products directly.
  • Open feedback loop—Feedback is shared across all writers. Constant, open feedback creates room for better content with more uniformity.

There’s More…

How Does an Ebook Contribute to My Online Marketing?

An ebook can provide help as an attraction for highly qualified anticipated customers. Ebooks specify a level of thinking, leadership, and reliability by providing valuable, knowledgeable content. When offered as a fee-less, downloadable resource, ebooks can build brand acknowledgment and positive emotion.

Ebooks can also be regenerated into pillar pages or more thorough, long web pages that aren’t secured by forms on your website. These pillar pages have a two-way benefit: providing high-quality content and two major SEO opportunities. First, secured ebooks (where visitors need to enter their email address) cannot be crept by search engines, whereas unsecured web pages can help your site with the SEO touch.

How Does SingJohn Deliver?

You are matched with a writer of a great fit by SingJohn’s content specialist. Your writer will submit a rough sketch based on your ebook request. Once you go through it, give comments, and approve it, your writer will get to work.

You’ll be informed when they’ve submitted a blueprint. Then, review, provide feedback and request as many edits as you want until your ebook is complete.

For prolonged ebooks (over 3,000 words), you’ll receive the content by chapter, but the cycle of outline and review is the same.

Isn’t Ebook Writing CHALLENGING?

Yes, and that is the reason you should let us do it.

Nobody knows your business better than you, but you’d be astounded how well our clever writers can fill your shoes.

Do You Design Ebooks Too?

Getting content written is the tough part. But, it is equally important to present the content in a visually impeccable manner. Therefore, we have a dedicated team of professional graphic designers who alleviate your work significantly and make it more appealing.

Do I Pay Per Ebook?

  • The length of words prices content.
  • Subscriptions are every month. To learn more about ordering ebooks, converse with a content specialist, or see the prices.

Why Choose SingJohn?

Compelling, Unique, and Error-Free Content Tailored to Meet Your Needs!
We Care, we lend our patient Ears, we Understand, and We Deliver what you need:

We Have Tapped The Best Talent Pool

We make sure that the best suitable writer who meets your brief works on developing your ebook content.

Track Delivery Progress On Your Dashboard

You are kept well posted right from the beginning to the end of the project.

So, what are you waiting for? Get your ebook written today with our team of dedicated and passionate team of authors.


SingJohn has been a very cost-effective one-stop-shop solution for us. Right from getting engaging content developed to help us increase our social media footprint, their team of highly skilled writers has churned quality and purposeful content within the time frame. Excellent work, team!

Harry Arnold

SingJohn has always been surprised with their near-perfect delivery that too when the deadline was too stringent. They’re my go-getter, and they have always pulled off difficult content requirements and accommodate my last-minute request.

Glen Lobo

I have always felt satisfied with SingJohn’s highly responsive approach towards work- they have been on the mark and met our brief well. In addition, they have a systematic approach which makes it easier to track the content delivery. Highly Recommended!

Jordan Brown

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