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What Is SingJohn?

SingJohn is a content creation platform. We’re committed to creating high-quality content that drives SEO for digital agencies and businesses. Our network of more than a 1000 U.S.-based writers are subject matter experts in more than 50 unique niche industries.

SingJohn enables content creators to grow their career with us. We believe quality writing comes from happy, motivated writers. We ask for precisions and support their success. Our online writers’ forum is an active community and connection creates better content. We offer jobs from 500-3500 words across several different types of content

What Kind Of Business Do You Cater To In Content Creation?

We create content for marketing agencies and businesses across the U.S. and in 10 countries around the world. This includes large franchise businesses, enterprise businesses and companies in nearly every industry and niche.

We work with content marketing agencies, digital marketing agencies, ad agencies, E-commerce agencies, SEO agencies, PR agencies, full-service agencies and lean, bootstrapped agencies.

How Much Content Can You Create?

We create thousands of articles a month, so the answer is a LoT. So don’t worry we can cater to your every content creation needs.

Can You Also Manage Platforms For Us?

Professional Services can manage multiple tasks for you.

Our platform is ideal for businesses that don’t have the time, resources, or desire to get hands-on in the platform. It’s also great for agencies who are juggling multiple deadlines and clients. We’ll assign you a personalized account manager to look after your concerned requirements.

Our account managers are passionate about content and do incredible work for their clients.

How Is Plagiarism Checked At SingJohn?

Plagiarism can be very critical for a brand. It can destroy the online reputation of a brand and can also land it in legal trouble. That is why we are very particular about plagiarism.

We always use advanced and most trusted plagiarism tools available in the market, which can check billions of pages to check for any plagiarized content.

All our writers have undergone several rounds of tests for plagiarism. If any writer is found to be plagiarizing his or her content, they are removed there and then. We also follow 4 tier testing after which the final content is approved, which is 100% plagiarism free.

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