What is the About Us page?

The About Us page is typically used by every business to provide the customers with an in-depth insight into what the business stands for and what it does. The entire story of the incorporation and growth is published on the About Us page. In addition, the history of the initial phases, the management team, and the expanse of the business are usually clubbed with photographs.

Depending on the work scope of the business, the About Us page may also include the vision and goals of the company, work culture and attitude, and the business practices followed in the organization. In addition, the About Us page reflects the personality and purpose of the business and its employees. It also publishes the contact details and locational information of the organization. It is apt to say that an About Us page is like an autobiography of the business.

What is its purpose?

The primary need to have an informative About Us page is to let the visitors know about what the company stands for and how it operates. Thus, the goal is simple and straightforward, and generally, all businesses use the page for the same reason. However, there may be other important reasons to have an About Us page on the website. The page can also be used as a marketing tool to portray the company’s aspirations and goals and lure potential customers. It helps to add a human element to the pitch.

Additionally, the page can also become a part of the search engine marketing to find potential customers in an effective manner.

Ecommerce has been on a rapid growth spurt in various sectors of business. An About Us page helps to differentiate the business from its competitors. This differentiation is very important for businesses who wish to build themselves as a strong brand. Customers evaluate a brand on the basis of value on price, customer service, and delivery options but will take into consideration the personal touch included in the entire process.

The About Us page develops a strong bond and builds trust amongst the clients by projecting itself as a face to the brand. It provides an in-depth explanation of the brand and helps to place the brand conveniently in the competitive marketplace.

Who visits the About Us page?

Any customer who wishes to start a trade relationship and indulge in your services would wish to visit the page to know the brand better. It helps them to evaluate the brand and build trust. They wish to get answers to some generic questions like –

  • What kind of business is it?
  • Is the company big or small?
  • What is the vision of the company?
  • How it all started?
  • Who is the core management team?
  • What is the differentiating factor?

An About Us page is an answer to all these questions. It is a perfect place for the customers to know about the company tactfully.

Characteristics that define an About Us Page

Some essential characteristics define an About Us Page.

  1. Clarity of thoughts –

    Whenever a customer visits the page, they must not come across repetitive information that was earlier mentioned on the homepage. They will not be interested in reading that again. Though it must definitely not brag about the brand, but portray a crisp and clear picture of what the company stands for. Enumerate how it started and mention the benefits that a client will gain if associated with the brand.

  2. Build Trust –

    The About Us page is like the first impression. You must mention clearly the timeline of the business. When it all began, what has been the growth journey, who has contributed to this journey, and what are the different milestones achieved over the years. In the age of digitalization, an About Us page must act like a human element used for interacting with prospects.

  3. Relevant to Target Segment –

    The About Us page must be relevant to the target segment. It must be written with the target audience in mind. It must portray the desired picture to the one reading it. If the business deals with different demographics, then a different approach needs to be followed for the segments. For example, the approach will be different for a brand focusing on a newborn than a brand dealing with a high school student. The dynamics of the approach need to be precise.

  4. Understandable to the Readers –

    The About Us page needs to be designed so that it is understandable to the visitors, just like a magazine that creates imagery in the readers’ minds. In addition, the page must be motivating enough to probe further.

  5. Engaging Content –

    A visitor always wants to gather information about what goes behind creating the brand. It needs to portray what the brand stands for in a professional yet friendly manner to catch the interest of the audience. The passion and enthusiasm gone behind building the brand must be displayed. The customer must get the feel behind the creation of the brand. Be honest while putting up the story.

The Essence of the About Us Page

When a potential client clicks on your company’s link through Google search, the landing page must make a great first impression. The page needs to tell them the details about who you are, your business growth, the expanse of the business, and your offerings for prospective customers. It is imperative to create an impactful and positive About Us page as it will also influence digital marketing strategies. It will help the website convert into a lead-generating machine.

The About Us page is the second most scrolled page of the website after the homepage, so it makes complete sense to optimize it to create a positive customer experience. The About Us page is the perfect platform to talk about the brand.

However, a big mistake made by a lot of businesses is that they brag about the history of the brand. The client is visiting the website to get a solution for his/her needs. They might want to know a bit about how it all started, but ultimately they want to analyze what best can be offered to them. So, the About Us page must tell the people what the company is all bout and portray its value to the clients. So the essence of the About Us page lies in the fact that:

  1. It tells visitors your story

    People scroll through numerous sites and go through a lot of information and vibes. When they visit the About Us page, they wish to get the facts right and know more about the company. It is imperative to get these facts right because people want the correct information and not just brag about your brand. So, the About Us page must include the story of how the company started and evolved over time. People love creating imagery from the stories, so the About Us page must have a well-woven story about the company.

    Think about it; everyone likes to go for the well-trusted brand rather than going for fake copies. So naturally, the About Us page must have compelling information about the story behind the strong brand.

  2. It speaks about your past

    People visit the website to gather various types of information. Most commonly, they wish to know about the brand’s history, how it all started, what went behind starting the brand, how it grew and evolved, challenges faced, and barriers overcome to become a strong name today. This story portrays on the page creates an image of a strong will behind raising the brand. Your company needs to display a clean and transparent character in order to become trustworthy in the eyes of your customers. It is the imagination that sells, and that’s what an outstanding About Us page will do for you.

  3. It tells about the team behind your successful business

    The About Us page must display who you are and what is the team behind the successful brand. The members of the staff need to be acknowledged. The page may include pictures of the employees too. The page may also contain information about their background, education, and experience. The clients get an assurance about the professionalism in your dealings, seeing the kind of team they will be dealing with.

  4. It tells people the differentiating factors

    Website visitors generally visit your page to learn about this competitive market’s differentiating factors. Do they want to get an answer to why they should choose you over others to do business? In this scenario, just describing your products or services is not enough. They want to know what benefits and adds value for them. It would help if you displayed what is in store for them, tell them about all the benefits they can avail and how can their problems be solved by you. Your About Us page is a demonstration of the relationship between the company and the customers. This is the essence of having an About Us page.

  5. It also provides a bit of technical information and clarity about the company’s goals

    The essence of the About Us page is to portray what the company stands for. The page must be transparent about the daily operations and describe the bigger goals, vision, and mission of the business crisply.

  6. It must be able to answer some general questions of the customers

    The customer may visit the page to seek some generic answers to questions like whether you are a big or a small company. What are the embedded values and work ethics? Is it a private or a public company? The About Us page must answer these questions with clarity.

  7. About Us page is like a face to the company

    Every business now realizes the importance of having an online presence in today’s time. The fact needs to be clear that any visitor browsing the website needs some relevant and crisp information. The About Us page needs to be like a human face communicating the desired information. The visitors may not know anything about you and want to get a clear picture of the facts. The people clicked on the search engine link to get to know your company better. It shows their interest in your products and services. The About Us page will provide the first impact on the consumer’s mind. Not just end-users, but other businesses may also want to become your customers. If they get a clear picture of what the brand is all about, they tend to build long-term, healthy relationships with you.

  8. It displays the emotions

    Professionalism needs to be coupled with emotions. The business must take into account this as well. The About Us page of the website builds a sense of trust and compatibility between you and the customers. It makes them believe in your professional approach to accomplishing tasks, handling payments, dealing with orders and timely shipping, customer service, and after-sales support.

    Customers are willing to spend the money if the product and services are worth it. It is all about how you portray things and keep up the promises. Everyone is keen to build a long-lasting relationship and set sail.

  9. Key Information

    All the essential information relating to the company needs to be displayed at the top of the page. It needs to be convenient for the visitors to gather the desired information without the hassle of scrolling back and forth. People don’t wish to invest a lot of time searching for details, so the About Us page needs to be the perfect solution to this problem. All the crucial information relating to business must be visible without scrolling down. Typically, most people want to know about a few key points:

    • The brand’s reputation –

      Typically, the visitors want to satisfy themselves regarding the authenticity of your brand in today’s fast-paced and competitive market. They wish to analyze your potential of being a good business with a professional attitude. It helps to build mutual trust. So the About Us page must display what you stand for and gain that respect and trust.

    • Privacy policy and security of transactions –

      The visitors are keen to know about the company’s privacy policy. They need to ensure whether you can take care of the financial dealings in a secure way without any personal information leakage. The purchase process through any website includes the disclosure of personal details like names, phone numbers, addresses, and bank details.

      All of this information is very sensitive and private, so the customers expect that you will protect them. The About Us page must inculcate that sense of trust among people so that they do not question your loyalty.

    • Returns and shipping policy –

      The website’s About Us page must clearly state your company’s shipping and returns policy. It depicts that you are a professional while dealing with all such transactions. The delivery must not just be fast but reliable too. However, having a secure and quick shipping policy is not all that people desire. Therefore, your business must display a transparent return policy mentioned on the About Us page.

    • Customer support and After Sales Support –

      Customer and after-sales support play a vital role in gaining customer satisfaction that leads to the creation of loyalty and reputation. The business must promptly reply to and resolve the customer’s queries and problems. The About Us page can also boast of a few Testimonials to show the positive feedback of previous customers.

    When the About Us page is created, you need to consider these fundamentally important questions that the customers may ask. You must try and incorporate answers to maximum questions and put yourself in the client’s shoes to create a viable atmosphere for the customers visiting your website. So you need to project an excellent reputation, talk about all the company’s awards and achievements, and state testimonials of the excellent customer service. Bragging a little is of no harm.

  10. About Us page will help in the conversion

    The ultimate goal of a business is getting conversions and growing its revenues. Therefore, you need to put a lot of effort into getting positive conversions from your visitors. People tend to evaluate your business while browsing your About Us page. So, everything published on this page needs to be clearly focused on answering all the relevant questions. The information about your company needs to be valuable. It must display all the positive aspects and benefits for the customers.

  11. It uses relevant language to attract the audience

    The About Us page speaks to the visitors and creates a positive vibe in the dealings. It gives a human touch to the interaction and creates imagery in front of the reader. For example, if you deal in selling books for small kids, the chances are that you will deal with young parents with modern thoughts.

    Therefore, you must make use of quality media to address their queries. However, if you are selling massage equipment, your product adds comfort and relaxation to people’s lives. So the age group of your audience will vary, and you may apply a bit of a traditional approach to keep the conversation conservative.

What Goes Behind Creating a Great About Us Page?

So now, let’s figure out how to create an incredible About Us page to attract traffic to the website? A lot of things need to be kept in mind while designing an awesome About Us page. Let’s evaluate a few points in detail:

  1. Provide all the necessary information

    The About Us page needs to be an introduction to your business. The page needs to be designed and developed professionally using appropriate language and Media. The About Us page may start by talking about the company’s vision, business objectives, mission statement, and future goals. It is vital to feature the safety and privacy policy regarding any financial transactions and how all the sensitive and personal information is kept safe. A link to the terms of use and privacy policy may also be linked. You may even highlight the customer-friendly delivery options, the quick shipping process, or any assistance provided for insuring the shipment on the About Us page.

    Also, the easy return policy and commendable after-sales service can be highlighted on the About Us page. If the company has a full refund policy, it must be mentioned on the About Us page as it will instill trust and confidence amongst the visitors. You may let loose your creative horses and include a lot of differentiators on the About Us page. Putting the words in place and designing the webpage is a time-consuming job. Creativity plays a significant role in creating an awesome About Us page.

    There are different attractive ways to display all the necessary information about your refund policy, shipping, previous customer experience, and many more things. Portraying this information to your visitors plays a vital role in creating the first impression.

  2. Highlight the client reviews

    Customer reviews are the best way to display your trustworthy services and positively impact the mind of the people visiting the website. You must feel confident while posting such positive reviews because your excellent service is paying off.

    After seeing this social proof, the visitors will also feel more confident and build trust in all the business dealings with you. It is these testimonials that project what you stand for. You may put these reviews on the website or post testimonials on external review websites. You must not be scared of any negative comments. They will not give a wrong impression if you reply to these negative reviews in the best possible and transparent manner and fix the problems.

    A clear, crisp, and witty reply to negative comments will help to solve the issues and enhance your brand image in a better way. Even the people posting these negative comments will feel satisfied and become your repeat customers in the coming time. It projects that your client support service is excellent.

  3. Project Brand story

    We have also talked about this piece before, as projecting your brand story is a critical element of the website’s About Us page. It must also be noted that the story needs to be crisp and clear. Since self-bragging is good only to a limited extent, the story needs to be crisp. All the details need to be included in a concise manner. All these details must be relatable and inspiring for the visitors and push them towards dealing with your company. The details must be exciting and creatively written.

    The visitors want to know how unique and distinct your brand and products are. It is a very competitive world, and there need to be a lot of differentiating factors. The content posted on the About Us page needs to be different and stand out to add more value. Creating the About Us page will take time. Do not hurry and spend time to create the best.

  4. Tell about the Management Team and employees

    It is very important to tell the visitors about your key personnel. First, it creates a personal touch with the customers who can easily relate to the staff. It helps build trust and establish a healthy and robust relationship with the clients. For example, a group photo of the entire team will instantly help the visitors to create a happy and positive image of your company and build trust in your brand.

    Some interviews, biographies, or happy staff pictures can be a part of the About Us page. If the staff is not comfortable sharing their pictures or other details, you may also use some caricatures to give it a funny twist to add humor to the page. You may not use long descriptions as the page needs to display information in a crisp manner.

  5. Include some videos

    Visuals always have a better impact than written words. Words may not be able to convey the desired details in the best possible manner to the visitors, so the inclusion of videos about your company can be a great idea. The video can be about what your business stands for, the management team and the staff, or how you do the business dealings. The videos must be very creative so that they are able to lure visitors. You may hire a team of professionals to get these videos made.

    The SEO team can also promote these videos and get more visitors to the website. Some viral videos will get you fantastic leads, and your brand can become the talk of the town. It would help if you remembered that spending a part of the marketing budget creating these videos is an excellent investment. These videos can become the face of your brand and get you the desired growth and recognition. The video quality must not be compromised as it represents who you are. It portrays your work. So there needs to be a constant focus on the content and quality of the videos posted on the About Us page.

  6. Tell about all the accolades and awards

    The About Us page is the best place to showcase all your achievements, awards, and accolades. You need to display all you have won as it is the best testimonial of your quality work. Mention the list of your awards and achievements along with reference links and images to make it look genuine. You may also include all the charity and related activities you take up as a part of your corporate social responsibility project. It reflects in a significant way the open-heartedness of the company and creates an emotional bond with the visitors of the website.

  7. Talk about the Media presence

    The About Us page is the right platform to include all the details about every feature in a TV show, any news media website, the radio, or any popular print media. Any big media house or publishing house talking about your brand or featuring any of your employees speaks a lot about your quality work. It instills a sense of trust in the minds of the visitors. Seeing these positive feedbacks, interviews, or reviews about your brand on these platforms will give you instant gratification to deal with you.

  8. Set your Mission

    The mission and vision of your company must be clear. The people must know what the company is working towards. A crisp and clear mission statement portrays that the organization is serious about all the business dealings and has a clear thought process and well-defined goals. The vision and mission statement clearly indicates that you believe in professionalism and deliver a great customer experience.

  9. Contact us

    The About Us page needs to have a Contact Us tab. It is one of the most valuable things for your site. The Contact Us tab will display your office telephone number, any toll-free number, address of your corporate office and branches, if any, and the official email. You must create a space for this on the About Us page because mentioning the contact details is of utmost importance. Contact Us tab is the best way to improve lead generation and help in better conversion rates. The visitors may have further queries and wish to contact the executives in person. The Contact Us tab helps them to reach out to the team and get the queries solved. It will be easy to reach a place of contact for anyone visiting the webpage. It also portrays that the brand is willing to communicate openly with its customers and has multiple channels to do so. Displaying the telephone number, office address, email address, toll-free number of the call center, or live chat will help people reach out to you. Some people prefer talking on the phone, while some wish to send an email or text. A live chat option is also beneficial in today’s digital times. It improves trustworthiness by showing that you are ready to deal with any kind of queries and problems 24*7.

  10. Include a Feedback option

    An awesome About Us page must keep in mind the thought that the customer is the king, and client satisfaction needs to be the ultimate objective of any business. Taking feedbacks from your customers is an art, and an excellent customer experience only comes when you accept these feedbacks positively and work upon the constant improvement of the work quality.

    The page must have a tab to allow the customers to give their feedback to further improve the service quality. The page can have two different sections for the customer to send a feedback email and to comment on the page itself.

    Allowing a feedback tab on the About Us page shows that you as a company are open to change and value what your clients say and feel. It shows that you take up the responsibility for all the deeds and are open to discussions. It also shows that people’s opinions matter to you. Finally, it portrays that you are more than happy to deal with any customer concern and want to improve and attract more clients.

  11. Signing up for a Newsletter and Updates

    Another vital element of the About Us page is the inclusion of the call to action tab. The About Us page contains detailed information about the brand’s history, vision, mission, staff, goals, future expansion plans, customer experience, etc. After reading all the relevant information, it is time to take action. After all, getting leads and conversions is the ultimate is of any business.

    So once the visitors know about what you stand for and have analyzed your products and offerings in detail, it is time to have them sign up for a newsletter to get timely updates.

    The people signing up are really interested in your brand and wish to do business with you. Thus, it would help you to get in touch with these prospects from time to time, provide them with updated information about the latest products, and generate an urge to buy your products. However, make sure that the newsletter is not troubling the subscribers. Keep the frequency as low as possible because marketing emails bother people a lot. It must not irritate the subscribers. It must only be a gentle reminder about your presence in the market.

  12. Include the Social Media handles

    Social Media is the new fad, and you must also take full advantage of the increasing traffic on social media pages. The About Us page must include the social media handle at the bottom so that people can visit and follow that as well. This helps them to become a part of your social media community and become an ardent follower if they find your content relatable. People spend significant time on social media pages like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

    Thus, finding you on these platforms also gives them a sense of comfort. Social media marketing is an imperative part of any business, and you must not be left behind in the race.

  13. The Page Design

    You know about all the information you wish to include on the About Us page for the website. But, the design of the About Us page is equally important. A creative web design is very important because people will indulge in the page only if they find it attractive. The visual appeal of the page is a must. Adding vibrant colors and a great layout gets you all the desired attention. People will love to engage with the content if it has a visual appeal. You must check that the navigations are engaging and straightforward. You may change the theme and design as per the current occasion. For instance, if it is Christmas time, you might have a Santa welcoming the guests and answering the queries. It is all about creativity and imagination. It will generate the desired results quickly.

  14. Run a thorough check

    Whatever is included in the About Us page needs to be checked in full detail. It is essential to check the content before publishing it on your webpage. The content must be grammatically correct, the spellings must be perfect, the links must be functional, and all the information must be genuine.

  15. Timely Updation

    The job is not complete just by publishing the content of the About Us page on the site. You need to visit the page and make updates from time to time. For example, you have introduced a new product category or won an award, so updating the About Us page is essential. The audience must be aware and updated about all the recent developments. You may lose a lot of potential customers if you are not updating the latest developments of the brand.

  16. Cater to your International Audience

    If the company deals with an international audience, you might consider having a separate About Us page for different countries. The individual page can be in the native language and display all the product categories valid for that particular client base. It will help grab more attention and reach a wider target base in foreign countries.

  17. About Us page needs to answer the most important questions

    Why, who, when what, and how!
    The page’s primary objective boils down to answering questions relating to the business- operations. Hence, it must include clear answers to all the W’s and an H! Visitors scrolling the page must feel confident about doing business with your company. They must know every needed detail about who you are, all the products or services offered, and about the professional team that is the backbone of your business. They are not looking for generic answers; they want to know how your business can meet their needs. This needs to be clarified and communicated in simple language. As discussed earlier, a call to action tab can work wonders. The call to action can act as a link for all the services and product categories listed on your website and help establish contact with potential buyers. The content must narrate the history crisply, and the flow needs to be natural. Try to make the page interactive. It will lead to better conversion possibilities. For example: “At ABC web designing, we work in sync with every customer and understand the unique need. We can create online value by developing their website and helping them prosper in numerous online marketing avenues. Begin a conversation with our company by sending us a text or filling the contact me form so that our Marketing Advisor can contact you to begin a fruitful conversation.” This call to action is the beginning of a value proposition that leads to filling the contact form. It will also provide you with a clear picture of what the client expects from your company. With a call to action and a clear picture in mind, you get much closer to getting an ideal “About Us” page.

  18. Share the uniqueness in your identity

    The “About Us” page acts as the perfect place to portray all that you have as a differentiator in your business. It displays your unique identity. The other website pages will be dedicated entirely to explaining the products and services in detail. The About Us page will tell the visitors all the key points that make your company special. Avoid bragging and do not use unnecessary jargon. The page needs to display an authentic voice and show what you truly stand for. The page needs to be friendly, easy to read, and genuine. It must be relatable and connect with the visitors.

    Try and incorporate a unique tone, voice the opinions of the co-workers and management, state personal examples, and include testimonials on the About Us page. It will indeed create a unique identity for your business. You may illustrate deeply the core values, the desire to work for the betterment of the clients, the ability to develop a partnership, and your capability to give a human touch to the business transactions. Focus on evaluating the needs and trying to fit in the competitive world.


About Us page is all about telling your story!
Every business is woven around a unique story. Every brand has a story to tell. It is this page that helps you portray your practical storytelling skills and lure potential customers into developing trust in your business. Your brand’s story has a vital role in getting the desired customer attention and trust.

The story needs to be wholesome and cover all the essential aspects; It must show how the business started, the thought process behind the functioning, the critical management team, the principles and vision that define the business, and all the details about it your products and services. The story needs to be descriptive and establish an emotional connection.

Finally, the story needs to be enhanced using creative graphics and videos. It is this About Us page that helps to establish the visitor’s connection with your business. You mention your story of innovation, growth, and dedication. You describe the journey of your growth and online presence. This clear vision will help you become the industry leader and able to transform your website into an engaging and lead-generating website.