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Hospitality Writer Content Services

SingJohn’s company’s writers do not have any phony knowledge about hospitality. This includes resort and restaurant managers, event managers, caterers, bartenders, back and front office staff, hotel sales executives and baristas, etc.

We have 171 experienced writers who have been writing for the travel industry for a long time.

Eighty-eight writers with more than five years of experience in the travel industry.

56 writers with more than eight years of experience in the travel industry .

We can also look at all the documentation and logistics related to the work with freelance travel writers.

Our clients’ feedback mostly consists of appreciation regarding the professionalism and quality of our writers.

Our clients consist of giant hotel trademarks, travel agencies, resort management companies, and boutiques.

Hospitality Content Writing Services

We Include These In Every Post

  • Intriguing, well-looked articles from professional travel and hospitality writers.
  • Indefinite edits at no additional prices.
  • Automated HubSpot and WordPress publishing tools.
  • Available human support 24*7.

This is what we offer

  • Travel blogs
  • Tourism content for a long time
  • Tips and suggestions for travelers
  • Fresh hospitality content
  • Interesting website content
  • Main travel content
  • FAQs regarding hospitality
  • Guides for restaurants and bars
  • Helpful information regarding traveling
  • Guides for the neighborhood
  • Website and hotel SEO content creation

There’s More…

But we require writers who know about their articles

Our writers consist of executive-hotel managers, hotel sales supervisors, general restaurant managers, and hospitality recruiters situated worldwide. They know your trademark’s setup and help you mark in the industry to get your possible guests and particular audience.

But how does it work?

Writers who are present in the Travel industry will be able to find you and make suitable content. A lot of clients usually get their first article to look at within 72 hours. Look at your drafts and either accept or reject or ask for indefinite edits with no additional costs.

How am I supposed to tell your writers about my requirements?

You have the best knowledge about your hotel business, but we have developed a system to bring up our writers quickly about what the content for your hotel must look like. SingJohn’s onboarding service will assist you in communicating intent, personality, audience, and voice.

It doesn’t matter whether you want to target a particular audience or think of some topic no one has ever written about; you can leave a brief guideline so that writers can follow them.

Am I supposed to pay for every article?

Singh Jon lets you develop a monthly plan based on the content you require- consisting of your number of articles, optional service, and word length.

SingJohn subscriptions offer you flexible monthly plans without contracts.

How do your writers get the info?

Our writers know where to find the best information for the restaurant and hotel industries.

They look at the travel blogs, hold discussions regarding the same and look at some travel magazines and books. In addition, they write about the latest topics and breaking news. The different groups of writers are also able to bring up unique topics to interact with the audience.

If you have a particular source you would want our writers to utilize, it is easy to consist of that in the content request procedure.

Why am I required to blog?

Between alternative lodging choices and disturbed food delivery, there is a lot of competition. Therefore, you require a method to get those guests to your website, and there is no other way than to bring the natural flow of traffic to your website from search engines.

Writing a blog is a complex decision for developing your online reputation. You can build a section for feedback and reviews for customers, and almost 84% of people having faith in online reviews to tackle big decisions like purchasing something online. It is crucial to highlight your business.

What kind of clients do you deal with?

Most of our clients are a mixture of nationally grown and independent restaurants, hotels, and global management enterprises. This permits our writers to write on topics that would appeal to your out-of-the-box guests.
You would not like someone writing an article who has no experience in writing about travel content. Our team can comprehend particular situations, giving you a heads up in the competition, with an exquisite peek consisting of each and every content.

Do your writers know the difference between ADR and Repair?

Our writers not only came up with a debate regarding that, but they also came up with unique planning, which you can apply immediately to increase your revenue.

A long technical article regarding a particular revenue management planning will not look like a child has written it. Instead, look for indefinite years of experience, which gives your audience an all-over understanding of even the most complicated topics.

Will possible guests tell me that I am taking the help of a ghostwriter?

That will only happen if our writers do not do their jobs correctly.
We have developed a system for speedily and nicely tell writers your requirements and preferences. Your article will be exactly like how you want it, which would fit effortlessly in your website.

Just after you purchase the article from SingJohn, you have 100% of the rights. Maximum of our clients are hotel brands, and boutique hotels use the name of their property for the author of their content.

Why Should I Choose SingJohn?

Following are the reasons for opting SinghJohn:


We have content-based expertise

We have an experienced and exquisite team to work for you .

We are easy to deal with.

You will be able to purchase the article you prefer .

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