How Does Content Co-Creation Work?

Since you know it all theoretically, let’s cut to the chase. Read below
to see how to co-create content at SingJohn.

Get The Best Content

Visiting us for the first time? No issues. You may take a look at how we work. It’s too easy!

1. Tell Us All

Once you are on board with us, our writers would be able to speed up. Let us know your voice and tone. Also, tell us the following:

  • About your audience. Does it comprise mechanical engineers, beekeepers, mechanical engineers, or whosoever?
  • Your personality and voice. Humorous? Trekkie? Technical? Conversational?
  • Your style guide, SEO requirements, CTAs, and website.
Tell us all
Build A Plan

2) Build A Plan

Your subscription should suit the exact content you require. Here’s how you can make a plan.

  • Firstly, choose the number of pieces, word length, and Professional Services (optional). Next, you may add individual client subscriptions if you’re an agency.
  • SingJohn gives complete management services in case you’re too busy to handle your platform. We’re always here.
  • Best of all, change plans whenever you want. There are no long-term contracts or platform fee issues.

3) Let Us Know What You Need

Since our writers need to know your requirements, skip nothing. We’d require:

  • The type of content.
  • Description, title, keywords, CTAs, and details.
  • Assign a deadline or set priority.

And finally, how about you take a coffee break while we finish!

Let us know what you need

4) Buy The Content You Love

Once you receive the content, review it as many times as you want. And pay for the work you really like.

Our writers are efficient. So, you’ll get it to review within 2-3 days. Then, check the draft, decline, accept, or even request edits. Lastly, publish fast with Hubspot integrations and simple WordPress.

5) Build Your Team, Leave Feedback

You may leave feedback or rate posts. We’d love that. Also, build your customized writing team. We share your words with our writers. The next time they work for you, they’d keep it in mind.

If you appreciate certain writers, bookmark them. The great fit must write for you more. SingJohn ensures other writers also gradually get on the same page as you. They’ll improve and serve better.

Build your team, leave feedback


How can I get the content edited?

You can have the article edited unlimited times by our writers. We charge nothing extra. You need to go back and forth with the assigned writer for a final content you’re good with.

I have heaps of content. Can you write?

Sure. We have several expert content writers who will finish your piles in 48-72 hours. The best part is you get speed, but not at the cost of efficiency. So hire us and sit back. We’ll complete it.

Should I essentially subscribe?

Yes, that’s our policy. Subscription models keep it flowing. Once you choose your favorite writers, you need not go onboard with new ones. For every newsletter or blog post, you have a contract. So, you remain worry-free.

Are your writer's experts?

Certainly, they are. Our writers need to pass a sample test before making a spot in our content writing team.

But, of course, they are fluent in written and verbal American English. Plus, their grammar and writing styles are honed. So, it’s all good.

Can I receive a refund?

SingJohn is risk-free. Don’t accept the content if you’re not happy. Get our team to make the necessary edits. Tell us what’s lacking. Even so, if you aren’t satisfied, request a refund within 30 days.

What if I don't need content for a month?

We let our clients SKIP three times a year. So take a break from the subscription. And come back whenever you need us.

Do you show samples?

Sure thing. You may request that. We’ll forward our varied samples to you at the latest. Only if you find them fit should you hire SingJohn. The site contains archives too. So you may have a look.

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