Industry-Specific Copyrighting

We have people who are great at any given subject and no matter what issue you wish
to have content on, we have a writer who can write a great article for you.

We have more than 2500+ writers ready to write for you, rest assured that the writer would give you a great article.


About 48 percent of the writers that work for us have more than ten years’ experience in their respective niche.


All our writers have good knowledge about respective industries. 30% of our writers have certificates in their specific field.

Writer Stack

One of our writers is a properly trained opera singer.

We have a writer who used to work as a circus artist.
One combat medic works for the army.

One of our writers is a very talented economist.

Industry-Specific Copyrighting


You must have proper writers who know their respective fields. Some fields need people already in the specific areas to give a better perspective on topics that they are experts on. We have writers who are experts in software, IT, data security, healthcare, etc. Any topic that you can think about, there is a good chance that we might have done that topic at some point.

We have written articles for many different types of clients and done some great content for them.

Speaking For Everyone

Different people around the world refer to other things with many different names. If you go to Australia and ask for a gas station, no one will know what you mean because it is petrol. We make sure to fine-tune little things like this because we know that these things can confuse readers and throw them off. We write in all the different types of English. We do American, South African, Canadian, British, Australian, New Zealand, etc. We can get the right English for you wherever you live.

Speaking For Everyone


SinghJohn has been a very cost-effective one-stop-shop solution for us. Right from getting engaging content developed to help us increase our social media footprint, their team of highly skilled writers has churned quality and purposeful content within the time frame. Excellent work, team!

Harry Arnold

SinghJohn has always been surprised with their near-perfect delivery that too when the deadline was too stringent. They’re my go-getter, and they have always pulled off difficult content requirements and accommodate my last-minute request.

Glen Lobo

I have always felt satisfied with SinghJohn’s highly responsive approach towards work- they have been on the mark and met our brief well. In addition, they have a systematic approach which makes it easier to track the content delivery. Highly Recommended!

Jordan Brown


I need a lot of content, so can you complete all that for me?

We create a lot of content for our customers, and they are very happy with the service that we give them. We have many writers and many people we work for, and we can provide you the content you want on time.

How do you check for plagiarism?

Plagiarism is not good, and it cannot be good for your company and brand. We make sure that no content that you receive has any plagiarism. All our content goes through Copyscape and Grammarly, and we only send you the content after we check this on both places.

How are your writers better than other writers?

We have better writers because we have people who do not just research a topic and give it to you but are experts in the field. We only accept writers after seeing their performance and understanding if they are good or not.