Getting at the top of the content marketing race is every brand’s desire. However, striking the right keywords and making it big on the SEO ranks isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, yet you find so many of your competitors making it big on the digital.

Interactive Content SEO Example

The above Pyramid explains how interactive content will increase your audience engagement and further increase your SEO rankings to boost sales.

This helps explain why excellent interactive content forms the foundation of your company; apart from products and services that your brand markets, the content reflecting those services will further boost the marketing strategies and increase your sales.

What is that your competitors have and you lack?

It’s about the Interactive content they create. While engaging content was always around the corner, much attention has been gained in recent years.

If you want your game to be strong, engage in creating content that will arouse feelings of strong engagement within your audience.

Interactive Content Marketing Burger Example

In the above example on the left image, you see a delicious burger with 50% off on the price. At the same time, the right image doesn’t specify anything. I asked the audience to select between the two images, and customers will go for the first image and buy burgers from that outlet. This is because of more engaging content from the first image. It specifies a 50% off, exciting the audience to make purchases. They have also inserted an actual burger image to tempt its audience to buy that delicious burger.

What is Interactive Content Marketing?

Content marketing uses content- write-up images, videos, statistics, infographics, and other tools to create a piece of content that helps the readers understand your brand. At the same time, if this piece of content is engaging, it gives rise to an active conversation between your content and the audience, making it highly interactive.

Interactive Content Marketing Chop Chop Example

Facebook comes up with interactive content to engage its audience apart from posting and communicating. For example, Chop Chop is a game that you can play to cut the veggies before the time ticks off.

Buzzfeed offers interactive quiz content to hype their audience, a great way to make your marketing strategy firm.

Why is interactive Content Marketing Effective?

Interactive content is a crucial way to boost traffic towards your content. When you have good content, there will be an increase in people reading your content. This will further increase your SEO, Search Engine Optimization rankings, and your page will appear on the top pages of the google search engine.

What is SEO ranking, and why should you pay attention to it?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and effectively makes your content reachable to a larger audience. For instance, if you type ‘baby shark….your Google search optimization will shout out the closest words to like doo doo…or shark cake…or shark lyrics.

What is SEO ranking

This way, you have to be wise to include the keyword, phrases, or sentences that will make your brand reachable to the audience searching for the products or services your company can deliver.

You, therefore, need to have a strong team that can strike the right keywords for you and help you achieve a higher SEO ranking. If you think training your team from the roots is overwhelming, the easiest way to get you into the competition is by hiring an SEO specialist that will make things easier for your brand.

What are the services provided by an SEO specialist?

  • Help you formulate and construct content according to your business model.
  • Curate the content so that relevant keywords are added, increasing your SEO rankings.
  • Review your existing piece of information and help to improve it in and out.
  • Optimize the text and the website to be user-friendly.
  • Manage the website through frequent maintenance, and help through redirects or error pages.
  • Furnish your content to fit into your requirements, whether local or international. All kinds of services will be catered to grab the attention of the local or geographical audience.

What are the services provided by an SEO specialist

Why Should You Hire An SEO Specialist

Interactive content will make your users excited about your upcoming projects and announcements. So what makes you wait for your PlayStation games? The announcements, tweets, and reviews excite you towards the game, and you can’t get your hands on them until the launch day.

For instance, Genshin’s Impact and season 2.2 created much hype by the reviews and content it tailored.

In a blog that helped viewers anticipate what they should expect from the much-awaited version of the game, a few details on the game were published. They wrote, “Genshin’s Impact’s Inazuma region was a solid introduction for its latest game update, the 2.2 version. The season was enjoyable due to the introduction of some of the most-awaited and funny characters-Thoma who venture into the last islands of Inazuma.”

Interactive Content Genshin's-Impact Example

To those wondering what Genshin’s Impact’s Inazuma region is, Genshin’s Impact is a game played by most youngsters, and this new 2.2 version was launched on 13th October 2021.

Note that the blog used words like ‘strong,’ ‘most-awaited version,’ ‘funny characters,’ which are some striking keywords that users would overlook, but these words are the crucks of what the audience needs to expect from the game.

How can you make your content interactive?

Though several ways can help you get the attention of your audience, here are a few striking vital points that will garner you some good engagement:

Educate your audience:

An interactive should be the one that not just excites your audience but also educates them. Interactivity increases if people see a benefit from it. For instance, Nas Daily is a well-known blogger that makes one-minute videos and educates people about different realities of life. His videos are all over the internet because, firstly, they are short and engaging videos that do not consume much of the user’s time. Second, they are about exciting information, something that not many people talk about, and are based on the real-life experiences of the host.

Interactive Content

Use social media:

You may have noticed that social media is the cause of all the viral videos that keep making headlines. Hence, social media is a powerful tool to display your content and encourage your audience to share it with friends and family.

Through attractive visuals, you can make your brand announcements on Instagram or Facebook and come up with effective deals, offers, and giveaways that will excite your audience. remember, engagement increases only when the audience finds a benefit for themselves.

Use social media

Increase brand exposure:

Interactive marketing strategies are essential to get your audience talking about your brand, products, and services. If the audience is talking about your brand, you are in demand in the market. The social shares help you create brand exposure and gain a loyal audience that will always select you when their fidelity is at stake.

For instance, Puma uses various marketing strategies for brand awareness. It has sponsored a couple of athletes, including Usain Bolt, Diego Maradona, and fashionistas like Rihanna. With a solid customer base, just an announcement, their stores are filled with loyal customers.

Interactive Content Increase Brand Exposure Example

Enhance the website’s Use Experience (UX):

If the content is not accessible to surf, your audience will get bored and not want to engage with your audience. By providing a user engaging content, you can ensure that your customers will bookmark your page and return to it whenever they need it. These views, when increased, will increase your SEO rankings, and your page will be at the top of the google search engine. Therefore, engaging content is the basis of your content success.

How to enhance user experience

The blog from HubSpot provides 12 unique ways by which you can enhance your user experience. Please take a look at these points and make sure to incorporate them into your business model.

Make it competitive:

Humans love to interact and love it more when they compete on the ground. Therefore, Gamification of almost every content is necessary to get your brand to another level. For instance, HubEngage is an interactive platform that enables you to engage with your workforce anytime, anywhere.

With this app, one can take charge of their employees, recognize their work, acknowledge their best practices, prepare micro-environment modules and instantly chat and have feedbacks with their respective forums. In addition, a public scoreboard also appears that encourages the employees to compete and perform better than in the past.

Interactive Platform

Come up with engaging applications:

When almost three-fourths of the world’s population has a smartphone, why not make it a means to reach your brand? If you think that developing a high-tech mobile application such as a mobile game is challenging, take a look at this easy guide that helps you through the seven steps of developing a mobile game. While not all brands may fit into this concept of creating a mobile game for their marketing strategy if it offers you lead-generating content, why not try it?

lead-generating content

Use interactive infographics:

Infographics ensure that your audience will be engrossed in your content through the exciting visuals. Canva is one such great tool that enables you to create infographics from reference-free content. In addition, you can choose from an array of elements, texts, and animations to make your infographic game stronger.

Furthermore, you can use Canva to design your infographics and download the same. Moreover, you can even share this piece of content across various platforms.

Use interactive infographics

Do not create content just for the sake of it. Because instead of grabbing customers, you may end up driving them away. Ask yourself if your current piece of content needs a redo? If not, do not waste time and effort to create another piece of content your customers won’t want to associate with. However, if your answer is yes, this is a perfect opportunity for you to consider refurbishing your content.

Before you do not, ensure that you have the time, money, and resources to build such an interactive piece of content. Further, explore if this content is unique and whether it will boost conversations with your audience. Encourage your team to give the best content and have confidence that you will do so.

If in case, you do not know whether your answer should be a yes or a no, you can always experiment and change your content to see the user engagement.

10 examples of Interactive Content Marketing Done Right

Creating and publishing interactive content will enable you to lure your target audience towards your brand. Now that you know what interactive content is and why it is essential, here are some ten examples to help you understand how you can incorporate these techniques into your business model. You may find thousands like such examples. However, digital marketers most loved these ten because of their strong impact on the audience. You can use these tools to help you create some exciting content and make it interactive.

Here are the best ten tools to include in your business model and create an impact. Most importantly, make sure that you are ready to change your content and then do a thorough study of these tools to incorporate the same.

These real-life examples are techniques, tools, or software used by most famous brands to strengthen their digital marketing strategy.

  1. Headline Analyzer by CoSchedule

    This tool by CoSchedule offers you a variety of options to boost your traffic. They allow you to write blog headlines that will capture your audience’s attention by analyzing them for specific keywords so that they increase your search results. Whether you write your blogs and content, WordPress or Wix, this analyzer will work efficiently and make sure that these headlines will increase maximum traffic00/ and engagement to your brand.

    Interactive Content Headline Analyzer

    Steps to initiate the headline analyzer by CoSchedule:

    Step 1 – browse through their official site
    Once you discover the page, click on the add to chrome button and install the tool on your chrome browser.

    Step 2: Analyze your headline
    Go to your blog post, say WordPress or any other website where you want to analyze your content, and click the headline studio button. As soon as you do this, the headline studio extension will directly open in your chrome or other browser and help you write and analyze your headline simultaneously.

    What is the feature of Headline Analyzer by CoSchedule?

    • Instantly score your headlines and write efficient content that will garner your recognition.
    • A guide to help you locate your changes and how these would enable you to write better through proven data.
    • Find new words or terms instantly through an array of words presented in the dictionary.
    • Get a high score such that your headlines stand out amongst your competitors.
    • Improvise your data through proven suggestions such as the use of emotional words, avoid wordiness or customize according to your target audience.
    • A quick headline score will tell you how your headlines can create an impact on your brand.
      This app has proven to work best and create lead-generating content to increase your engagement with your audience.
  2. Website Grader by HubSpot

    Hubspot is a marketing software, and Website Grader is a content tool created. Using this effective tool, one can quickly upgrade their website content based on solid features like words, performance, user-friendly approach, SEO, mobile security, and readiness.

    Interactive Content Website Grader

    With a user-friendly approach, you do not have to be tech-savvy to get this tool to your content. As the above image display, you need to insert a link to your website in the website slot and provide your business email. With just these two steps, you have your score all ready for you. a good rating will prompt you an increased engagement with your audience, and a low rating will tell you about your weakness and the ways you can improve them.

    Because your website is the key to the locked doors of your business, it needs to be structured well to provide prospects regarding your products, services, pricing, and offerings. In addition, the user experience should convince your audience to book an appointment with you without any second thought.

    The core feature of the website grader includes

    • Increase the performance of your website by improving the page speed, load time, page font, page size, page requests, errors, and redirects.
    • It ensures that your page follows good SEO practices by inserting the right keywords, met description, content links, and plugins.
    • The designing of your content to build a well-structured website with user-friendly designs.
    • Secure your content through HTTPS and java scripts.

    This tool is excellent for your business if you are looking for a comprehensive approach to designing your web site’s framework and content.

  3. Why Our Future May Depend on the Fate of Birds by Allbirds

    Allbirds paid post with the New York Times is a unique concept of how nature can be incorporated into our brand, and your website can be an unsung hero for being vocal for a cause. Allbirds, Why Our Future May Depend on the Fate of Birds, points out how consumers can make the world sustainable and behold a promising future for the birds. Their tagline “better shoes in a better way” is formulated around the concept of making the world a better place for these avian creatures.

    Interactive Content Example - Allbirds Paid Post NyTimes

    When you browse through the post, it offers you a unique experience because the birds move, and you can hear their chirps through the inserted audio. Allbirds amazes xiu98its audience through this content because it does not follow the monotonous routine of just texts and images. The website has more than it. It includes visuals which soother your eyes and music that takes you back into the wild.

    Another essential feature of this content includes the unrealistic transitions that occur as you keep scrolling. From the background color to the visuals and the story, it appears as a storyline being played and you reading the contents.

    The matter focuses more on a social cause, that is, protecting the birds, and reflects this into their brand motto. The text convinces the audience that by collaborating with Allbirds, they can do their part in this good cause.

    The effects, audio, and language content are surreal for the audience to agree with their concept and adhere to their brand. Devise your content in such a way that you, too, make your audience amazed by your designs and concepts.

  4. Function— of beauty: Hair quiz

    The DTC website for haircare, Function of beauty, frames a quiz for its customers wherein it asks them questions related to their hair thereby, helping them build a hair profile.

    It asks about your hair type, which is your natural form of hair when it is unstyled. It also poses questions on the hair structure and scalp moisture. You answer this click and get directed to the next page asking your hair goal. In this way, the brand portrays to its customers that every customer is worth their try. they do not generalize their products but cater to every hair type.

    Interactive Content Hair Quiz example

    This technique is very efficient in convincing the audience that their hair matters and a solution for every hair problem. In addition, it is a simple, quick, and easy website design that enhances the user experience. People do not want to see a lot of jargon in your content, and perhaps they look for crisp, relatable, and curated answers to the questions they have in mind.

    This quiz is a perfect example of how an interactive piece of content can persuade your audience to book a deal with you. So grab a chance to use this technique in marketing strategy because when customers are made self-aware or when you talk about their problems, they want to be loyal customers to find the best solution for them.

  5. Foundation Finder by Clinique

    Clinique is a makeup brand, and its Foundation finder works on similar lines wherein it helps customers find their perfect foundation according to their skin tone.

    Interactive Content Example Foundation Finder by Clinique

    Finding the perfect foundation for your skin can be overwhelming because most of the time, customers get played in buying a foundation that either makes their skin white light or darker than their complexion.

    Clinique’s Foundation finder comes to an actual rescue here. First, the page displays a few images of women with different skin tones, and customers should select the image that is closest to their skin tone. Next, it directs users to select their undertone features- Cool Neutral or warm neutral, followed by other specific questions regarding the coverage.

    At the end of the quiz, customers can choose and select the skin tone that best fits their skin. In this way, interactive content makes the audience select answer their query. At the same time, because the brand houses foundation for almost every skin type, the customers do not think twice before purchasing with them.

  6. NOVE’s Aero X Bare Frame customization

    Imagine having the opportunity to design your product. While this may seem far from reality to you, NOVE has come up with a unique concept wherein its customers can check-in into the customization page and build their ideal, high-performance bicycle.

    Interactive Content NOVE’s Aero X Bare Frame

    This technique is excellent because it takes its customer’s opinions critically. They have the opportunity to customize their product and also view the final product. Creating, designing, and inspecting the final product engages the audience and convinces them into the buying process. If they don’t like what they have created, they might as well try another piece of design.

    The customers also stand a chance to design the structure according to their budget. They can select from a variety of frames to the size and color. Firstly, this makes processing easier as you don’t waste time waiting until the customers contacts you for a quotation because the design itself will tell them if they can afford it or not.

    Secondly, you know exactly what your customer is looking for from the design. So much interactive content increases user experience, and at the end of the processing, you are sure that your customer is satisfied with your service. Note that MOVE provides a couple of recommendations to help their customers design a structure of their choice and bring their thoughts to reality.

  7. My Disney Experience by Disney

    The My Disney Experience App is a fantastic example of interactive content. This app is a one-way stop that helps the audience book their Disney vacation and plan their activities, thereby saving time.

    The My Disney Experience App consists of personalized itineraries that the customers can pick based on their interests. One can instantly pick popular places for shopping, dining, parks, resorts, and Disney characters.

    Interactive content Example: Disney experience App

    This app is like google maps because it allows you to navigate almost every spot within the Disney world, and there is an exciting genie character added that adds all the excitement to this content. Above all, customers can even get to know their wait timings according to the bookings done and get ensured that they don’t waste much time in the queue. Furthermore, with the addition of the My Photo App, customers can directly sync pictures from various attractions.

    This app is like a personalized service that acts as your tour guide, and if you are experiencing Disney for the first time, you get real-time services quickly. This app is a perfect example of how technology can efficiently engross your audience.

    Surely, the audience will move out of the Disney world because all the information is given to them in this app. This model is best suited for brands that are exclusively in-house with many services together.

  8. Missy Empire’s You VS Kardashians

    Kardashians have a great fan following due to the lavish and luxurious lifestyle and precisely the fashion they create. The Missy Empire Fashion brand exaggerated this idea and devised a calculator that allows the audience to calculate how many minutes the Kardashians take to earn what the audiences earn in a year.

    To calculate the time, all you got to do is insert your annual salary. Then, the calculator will precisely tell you in how many minutes, say any member of the Kardashian family, Kim Kardashian West, will earn.

    Interactive Content Example Missy Empire’s You VS Kim Kardashians

    This calculator is just a means to excite the game for the Kim Kardashian West fans and convince them to shop bodycon dresses, which are mostly liked by Kim Kardashian West herself.

    This is an exciting approach to engage your audience with informative content.

  9. Will a Robot take my Job by BBC?

    BBC came up with an exciting blog back in 2015, which is quite apt today. In this tool, the audience could type what job they do, and the tool calculates the percentage chance if a robot takes the job in the next 20 years.

    For instance, if you are a higher education teaching professional, the tool suggests meager, around 3% chances of this profession being automated.

    However, if you are an Inspector of Standards and Regulations, the tool suggests a 94% chance of this professional going automatically in the next 20 years.

    This content is informative and is backed by a thorough study from Oxford University. Hence, according to the caliber of your audience, your content can be informative or descriptive. Therefore, this tool is an excellent way of getting your users engaged. They can even share the content on various platforms.

    Because this data is essential and related to jobs, it is evident that most users will share the content and participate in it simultaneously.

  10. Marvel’s Avengers: infinity war by CNN

    To prepare the Marvel fans for the next chapter of the Marvel series, Avengers: Infinity War, CNN devised an interactive timeline that shared the memories that went for a decade.

    Interactive Content CNN Marvel’s Aavengers Timeline

    Over the last ten years, Marvel kept dropping some clues and semi-hidden tips for its fans. Unfortunately, ten years is a long time to remember all these hints like easter eggs, mid-credit, and post-credit scenes and apply them to the series. Therefore, CNN presented a memory walk through the cast and the story timeline across these ten years for the Marvel fans to prepare themselves for the war.

    With this exciting summary, the audience increased their hype to view the movie, and at the same time, the CNN website observed increased traffic due to the millions of Marvel fans going to the site to brush their memory.

    These examples were real-life examples used effectively by most marketers to strengthen their content strategy. You, too, can use these examples and teach the steps used by them into your business and make it more robust as well. Note that not all these strategies may fit your business model, but one of them absolutely should.

Take-Home Message!

These examples capture a range of possibilities to create solid interactive content for your brand to gain a strong interaction. Creating strong internal links and backlinks, engaging your audience to get engrossed in your content through texts, phrases, audio, and visuals should be your core strength. Above all, the most important take message is to learn that interactive content is not only about the texts but also about the user experience. Any blog or article can provide you with a piece of information.

However, designing the presentation and structure is essential to lure your audience towards your content. Note these points or pin this page to help you decide your content marketing strategy for your next business model. Moreover, the best lesson learned is to put it into practice and not just learn about it.