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With creative landscaping material, you can improve your SEO and increase
your business. Because crap only gets you trouble, not clients.

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Our Skilled Writers Enjoy Getting Challenged

  • We have content writers who have expertise in landscape architecture, horticulture, and residential and corporate landscaping.
  • They’ll customize content to your niche, written in a well-versed version of your brand voice.
  • Landscapers need local SEO, and market-specific material will help you stand out in the SERP competition.
  • takes care of all the paperwork and logistics, and our team is ready to assist you at any time.

Landscaping Content Writing Services is a high-reward content platform for landscaping copywriting, blog entries,
and other forms of content. Consider us the Periwinkle of content creation.


Our authors will conduct extensive research and provide detailed plant profiles, maintaining how-to and landscaping design guidance to make big lifestyle websites swoon.


One thing is local SEO. Another option is to hire writers from your market’s hardiness zone. We have specialists who are aware of the working climate and trends in your area.


Create a blog with landscaping content clusters aimed at property managers, homeowners, city planners, and developers using a topically varied blog.

Website Content Services

What Is Inclusive In Each And Every Post?

  • Unlimited changes and change orders at no extra charge.
  • Well-researched articles by writers with knowledge and skills in the landscaping sector.
  • In-built WordPress and BlogSpot publishing capabilities that are free.
  • The Singjohn team is always there to put up with your queries and issues.

We Serve Different Kinds Of Landscaping
And Horticulture Clients

  • Permaculture and Biophilic designers
  • Landscapers for corporate campuses
  • Landscapers for private residences
  • Landscape designers/ architects
  • Irrigation service providers
  • Builders of green buildings and living roofs
landscaping blog post ideas

There’s More…

I Require Writers Who Know What They’re Up To

Ours is one of them. Garden nursery professionals, fellow landscapers, organic farmers, foresters, architects, botanists, arborists, beekeepers, geologists, a former city supervisor are among those in attendance. In addition, many writers have experience in real estate, property management and development, and urban planning.

Can You Explain How It Works?

Writers that are professionals in the horticulture and landscaping industries will find you and generate engaging, authoritative, unique material for you. Then, within 72 hours, the majority of clients receive their first blog to review.

At no additional cost, review your draughts and accept, deny, or request limitless modifications. Here’s where you can find out all you need to know.

How Can We Specify Our Requirements To Your Writers?

You may be the expert on your industry, but we’ve devised a system for rapidly and effectively bringing our authors up to date. Singjohn’s content request and storyboarding processes let you express your voice, intent, audience, and personality.

Do We Have To Pay For Each Article?

You create a plan (monthly or weekly) depending on the composition you desire, including the amount of content you require, the length of the articles, and any other optional services. subscriptions are month-to-month options with no long-term commitments. For additional information, see the pricing page.

Whtat If We Require Assistance With Ideas?

The preferred content writers will send you topic pitches, and you can approve decline or change as needed.

Will You Be Able To Assist Us With Photographs?

Definitely! To have supply high-quality stock images and videos to incorporate into your website’s design effortlessly, select +Photo or +Video as optional services.

What SinghJohn’s Customers Have To Say About Landscaping Content Writing

  • It has specific information, is well-formatted, and is generally provides excellent content. So again, you did a fantastic job!
  • Great, one-of-a-kind information that covers all the basics and draws a lovely picture. I’m sending this to the customer for review!

Why Should You Choose Singhjohn.Com?

Expertise in the field.

Turnaround time is 48-72 hours.

The system that is simple to utilize.

Only purchase material that you enjoy.

Questions That Are Fantastically Astute (FAQs)

What exactly is is a platform for creating internet content.
For digital agencies and businesses, we’re committed to producing high-quality content that boosts SEO. Our network of 3,000 writers situated in the United States includes subject matter experts in over 40 different industries. It allows writers to advance their careers by providing the easiest and most flexible freelance work available. We believe that quality writing comes from writers who are pleased and driven. We demand greatness and cheer them on to victory.

Our online writers’ forum is a vibrant community, and better writing comes from collaboration. We have projects ranging from 300 to 3000 words in a variety of content kinds. Make a career as a writer.

What types of firms do you work with when it comes to content creation?

We develop content for marketing agencies and businesses in the United States and 15 other countries. This covers big franchise enterprises, as well as businesses from practically every industry and area. Please have a look at the industries we work with.

On the agency side, we work with digital marketing firms, content marketing firms, ad firms, SEO firms, public relations firms, e-commerce firms, full-service firms, and lean, bootstrapped firms. Investigate the options for working with an agency. Investigate the services of an agency.

How can you make sure you're not plagiarizing?

We take plagiarism extremely seriously since we understand how devastating it can be to a company’s reputation. Therefore, before the information reaches our customers, we verify it for plagiarism in three stages:

  • We employ the most effective anti-plagiarism software available, which scans every piece of material authored by one of our writers and compares it to millions of other pages on the internet to look for duplicate content.
  • When auditioning, all of our writers must sign a plagiarism pledge, pass a rigorous plagiarism test, and demonstrate that they properly and thoroughly cite sources to work as a writer for We have a zero-tolerance policy, and any writer who breaks it is permanently removed from the system.
  • Finally, on top of steps 1 and 2, we employ a proprietary internal system that adds an extra degree of protection. To make it more difficult to evade, we keep this system hidden.

Is it possible for me to see any examples of your work?

Yes. Please request a sample in your industry or look through our sample library on the blog.

Can you provide me with a large amount of content?

Each month, we produce thousands of pieces of content for agency clients and high-volume enterprise clients. See how a renowned SEO agency utilized us to make their content strategy profitable for the first time in four years in this case study.

What if I'm too preoccupied to maintain the platform on my own?

Professional Services can relieve you of a few responsibilities. Our full-service solution is great for companies who don’t have the time, resources or want to get their hands dirty with the platform. It’s also ideal for agencies with several clients and deadlines to meet. Your platform concierge will be assigned to you by an account manager. Our account managers are content specialists who deliver outstanding results for their clients. To understand more, read this case study.

What do you do to improve the quality of your writers?

At Singhjohn, we don’t have one-, two-, or three-star writers; we only have writers who match our high criteria. Each new writer is thoroughly verified, and QA check-ins help us maintain high standards.

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