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Newsletter Writing Service

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Newsletter Writing Service

  • Want to reach more customers? Drop-in their inbox with interesting newsletters?
  • With quality newsletter writing, highlight new products and services.
  • Assign writers to send regular emails to your customer list.
  • Show off new content & services and get new audiences on profitable content from your archive.
  • Give your content power and boost by featuring it in educational round-up and announcement emails.

Get on your customer’s radar and create opportunities with engaging newsletters that
build positive sentiment for your brand and showcase your business.


We have a large collection of expert bloggers, who are specialized in different subject matters.


We handle all the paperwork and logistics of working with freelance newsletter content writers.


Clients can review and comment on the quality and professionalism of our writers.

Included In Every Email Newsletter

  • Newsletter copywriting that informs, educates, and connects with your customers.
  • High-impact copywriting customized to your brand and business voice.
  • Unlimited customization at no extra cost.
  • Clear and powerful calls to action.
  • 24*7 personal support from the team.
How to write a newsletter article

It’s A Match

Newsletter blasts

Newsletter broadcasts

Based on current content

Educational newsletters

Content highlight newsletters

Content round-up newsletters

Free-standing newsletters

Product showcase newsletters

New product or service blasts

It’s Not A Good Fit

Outreach scripts
Onboarding emails
Sales promotions
Drip campaigns
Have extensive chat and discussion with your writer


1. Newsletter writing services do not work well. So what makes your service different?

These four things create a difference-

  • Our Efficient Writers: – We have high-skilled, professional, and excellent writers that meet your demands.
  • Match writers as per expertise: – Buy a writer’s product.
  • Open feedback loop: – Feedback is continuous and shared, which creates better content with more consistency.
  • Subscription: – Order pieces of content one at a time with no continuity. You get a steady flow of newsletters with us to keep your email marketing on track. 

2. How does it work?

Our writers understand your need and create custom newsletters in your niche. And as a result, most of our clients get their first content to review within 72 hours.

Review your custom content and request, accept, or decline unlimited edits at no extra cost.

3. I’ve heard that outsourcing newsletter writing is risky?

We’ve designed this platform to help you get exactly the newsletters you want. Of course, you know your business best, but you’d be surprised how well our high-skilled writers can fulfill your requirements.

4. Can people know or tell if I’m using a newsletter writing service?

Not if writers have done their jobs correctly.
We’ve built a platform to quickly and efficiently brief writers on your needs and preferences. Our writing styles, subject, and professional backgrounds expertise leads to efficient and to the mark content. Your newsletters will be in your brand’s voice and style and fit absolutely into your email marketing.

As soon as you buy a piece of content from our site, you own 100% of the rights.

5. Do I pay per newsletter?

You can customize your newsletter and account to get exactly the content you need, like word length, the number of newsletters, additional content types, and any optional services. Website subscriptions are flexible, month-to-month plans with no contracts. See pricing.

6. Do you need to pay per blog?

You have the flexibility to customize your account, and you’ll get exactly what you need. Everything is included, such as the word count, blog posts, and optional services.

7. What about plagiarism?

We seriously check plagiarism, and we aim to provide better and good quality content. We check the plagiarism in three separate stages so that our clients can get the best quality of the content.

Customers Reviews About Singjohn’s
Newsletter Writing Service

This website is great! I look forward to reading and getting more from you in the future.

Construction Customer

Lot’s of great points for our educational email series,

Real Estate Customer

This newsletter speaks
directly to the customers.
Thank you!

Hospitality Customer


Why choose SingJohn?

We have the best subject matter expertise.

Are you an easy-going system?

Yes, it is easy to use the system.

Do you provide turnaround?

Yes, we have a 48-72 hour turnaround.

Do you charge for every content?

No, you only need to pay for the content you like and need.

Get the custom newsletters you need with quality and speed. Drive traffic to your site by sending email broadcasts that delight.