Do you know that earning a certification can help you find employment and earn a higher income? It doesn’t mean that certification holds the same weight as a master’s degree in the client’s eyes for a hiring manager looking to work with you. But if you have specialized education in any field, it won’t hurt you, and it will only help you in your work. You might think that experience is more valuable than certification. This thought is correct because you can’t compare a certificate to years of experience. But for specific roles such as freelance work, promotions, etc., certificates can be the best affordable, and quickest way to get the work done. In this new era, new digital marketing technologies and software develop daily.

Various online courses are available to continue learning through blog posts and other online methods. Today’s age is wondrous, and you can obtain knowledge and learn through a few clicks of your mouse. This article will discuss a few online marketing courses that can strengthen your digital marketing skills and help you learn. Whether you want to begin with marketing basics or step into more advanced courses, this article will help you with that.

What do you mean by digital marketing?

Before learning about online marketing courses, we must know what digital marketing means. Digital marketing is also called online marketing, and it is the promotion of brands to connect with potential consumers via the internet or other tools of digital communications.

Digital marketing

It also includes social media, email, web-based advertising, text and multimedia messages, etc., as a marketing channel. We can also say that if a marketing campaign involves digital communication, it is known as digital marketing. With the help of the digital market, you can reach a broad audience, which is the fundamental reason this type of marketing is becoming prominent. Apart from this benefit, it offers other advantages too.

List of online marketing courses

There is various digital marketing courses available. Let us discuss a few free or nearly free online marketing courses you can learn.

  1. Google online marketing challenge:

    Google is the best source to learn about online marketing. You will find video tutorials on everything in Google’s digital marketing course. Here you can gain an online marketing certificate and have an upper grade in digital marketing. It is a unique opportunity for interested people to get real-world experience executing and creating online marketing campaigns.

    Google free digital marketing course

    Google’s digital marketing challenge is a global online marketing challenge that helps increase the depth of your experience on your CV and enhance your skillsets. It is also helping the world by helping non-profit organizations across the globe.

    Before preparing for the Google online marketing challenge, you need to consider a few things. First of all, you require a solid team with a maximum of 6 members and a minimum of 3 members. Then you have to decide on a company that has not done any Adwords campaign in the last few months. Once you find the company has to understand their business objectives and find out whether they require online marketing or not.

    If yes, you have to prepare your pre-campaign report, and once it is approved, Google will credit money to your AdWords account.

    Now you might be thinking about the eligibility to join this challenge. So the criteria you should match are that you must have an active Google ad grants account and abide by all the Google grant policies. Students who have enrolled in undergraduate or graduate courses at higher education institutes can apply for the same.

    This challenge allows more than 50 countries to participate. Once you apply for Google’s online marketing challenge, your organization is eligible for online marketing challenges, and the qualified organization will be allowed to match with the student team. Google digital marketing is one of the best options that every marketer wants to grab, and it is the opportunity that everyone should try.

  2. Graphic design basics:

    Graphic design is everywhere. Words, pictures, all these are building blocks of graphic designs. Both these elements are essential in the digital world and the printed world. It is pretty visible and prevalent in our life and also becoming more important in our culture.

    Through opting for basic principles of graphic design, you can learn to implement the fundamentals of color, create your series of images using different techniques, learn creativity skills, graphic skills, design theory skills, and color theory skills.

    Graphic Design basics

    Graphic design is one of the most potent art that uplifts digital marketing. This modern art has added flavors to every company’s advertisement profile. You can use it to build brand awareness and influence the customers’ decision-making process.

    As we dress up to impress, the graphic designs are the outfit of business. If you do the course of graphic design basics, then many entrepreneurs will be proud to hire you for their business. With the help of a graphic designer or graphic design company, a business owner can establish their unique style, tone and differentiate from their competitors. Graphic design can convey any information or message in a better way. It is currently blooming in the digital marketing field, and the demand for specialized designers is rising.

    It is fantastic to become a graphic designer by enrolling in free graphic design courses. First of all, you need to understand the core principles of graphic design and familiarize yourself with the graphic design process. Then you will learn from professional graphic designers, and you can diversify your skillset. Finally, once you finish all the processes, you will work as a freelance graphic designer.

  3. Inbound marketing certification:

    It is a free course to learn the inbound methodology and the flywheel as an integral part of any inbound business. Marketing sales professionals and inbound professionals can grab this opportunity. You will explore the foundations of inbound and begin your path with inbound. The inbound approach means humanly doing business and creating a meaningful relationship with customers, strangers, or prospects.

    Inbound marketing courses online

    It is one of the better ways of marketing and a better way to help your customers and sell. The inbound certification course includes understanding the basics of inbound and growing your business with the flywheel model, creating a company goal, setting business goals, creating buyer personas, and developing your business.

    By choosing the certification course, you can learn about inbound marketing techniques and understand the core tactics of inbound marketing. This course is 100% free, and it is a globally recognized certification available in multiple languages; you can boost your skill and stand out in the digital marketing world.

    This certification will help you strengthen your resume, and it is a great starting point for budding marketers looking to boost their skin set in a variety of topics.

  4. Content marketing certification:

    If you complete this course, it is an excellent opportunity to become an effective content marketer. Anyone can enroll in this certification course, but it is best for content producers, inbound professionals, and marketing professionals. This course will help you learn a content creation framework to produce compelling content consistently. This certification course is the best option to become a leaner, stronger, and more strategic content marketer. It will also help you curate excellent content to please both humans and search engines.

    Online Content Marketing Courses

    It is an absolutely free and globally organized certification. This course will help you learn many things: building a content creation framework, planning a long-term content strategy, generating content ideas, extending the value of your content through repurposing, creating quality blog content that pleases the audience, and so on.

    Content marketing always adds to the value of any business. It also boosts engagement and traffic. Therefore, if you have certification in content marketing courses, companies will be proud to hire you to enhance their visibility and growth. Various institutions offer this certification course for free. If you enroll yourself in this course, it will yield benefits and prove beneficial in your career.

  5. Social media certification:

    Social media certification will help shape the conversation around any business, attract new customers, and build loyalty. Social media training is all you need. If you know to build an effective social media strategy, it will help boost all other inbound marketing efforts, build brand awareness, and attract consumers.

    Online social media strategy courses

    In short social media is the ultimate way for doing inbound marketing. It is a good certification course for aspiring social media marketers and marketing managers. You will learn to develop an effective and engaging social media strategy for any business and also learn ways to use the power of social media to bring out a significant change in your career and business.

    The course curriculum includes social media monitoring and listening, building a content strategy for social media, studying social media advertising, etc. You must consider grabbing this certification course which is 100% free and is globally recognized and available in multiple languages.

    It will help you develop your knowledge and skills. If you learn all the effective social media marketing techniques, companies will hire you, and you can showcase your skills by working to boost or enhance their business.

  6. SEO Training Course:

    Search engine optimization (SEO) is a process that improves your website to enhance visibility on popular search engines like Google and Bing. SEO is one of the most rewarding and challenging marketing disciplines. This certification course will help you learn everything related to SEO.

    Free Online SEO Training Course:

    In addition, and you will also learn link building, website optimization, keyword research, and so many other essential things. Anyone looking to grab skills on SEO can make use of this opportunity. Content creators and marketers can also benefit from enrolling in this certification course.

    By doing so, you will learn to build backlinks to the website that will help to increase your website’s visibility on the search engine. Not only that, but you will also develop knowledge regarding how to improve and evaluate the website’s SEO and learn about using insights to improve the website’s visibility.

    The curriculum includes SEO Basics, Keyword Research for SEO, SEO Reporting, Optimizing Your Website for good results, and much more. Many organizations or institutions offer this certification course free of cost. It is a globally recognized course and can prove essential in your career because it is a valuable skill in today’s market.

  7. Alison:

    ALISON offers many free online marketing courses for learning aspirants. You will find thousands of free online courses with certificates and diplomas here and get career guidance and boost your resume. It is free, and you can get certified, skilled, and hired by multinational companies. It is offering a diploma in E-business and also social media marketing. You can build a successful online marketing strategy to promote any business online by rolling yourself in these certification courses.

    Free online marketing courses

    You can also learn details about email marketing, blogging, affiliate marketing, etc., by opting for a diploma in social media marketing. These certificate courses will help you focus your learning on various topics, and they will also provide specific expertise in your field. And with the help of these comprehensive diploma courses, you will gain valuable skills on essential topics, and you will grab the knowledge regarding your field you can showcase them in your career.

    Best online marketing courses

    Alison also provides a diploma in e-commerce web development to learn how to build an eCommerce website. This course is helpful for small businesses to widen their consumer base and grow. Anyone interested in web development or IT can apply for this course and polish their programming skills.

  8. PPC University:

    It is a free PPC marketing course offered by the PPC experts at Wordstream. PPC means pay per click; it is a model of internet marketing in which advertisers pay a fee every time their ad is clicked. In other words, it is a way of buying visits to your site rather than organically earning them. It is a highly complex topic; therefore, it can be overwhelming for beginners.

    Learn PPC Marketing

    In this course, you will learn every tactic for the same. By doing so, you can target the right audience and run effective dynamic search ads. Pay-per-click advertising is the most established form of digital marketing, and it is essential because it is a successful form of online advertising. It offers reliable and quick results that help the business gain greater visibility on search engines. If you are a qualified professional in this field, many companies will be ready to offer you a job, and that too at a higher pay scale.

  9. Learn HTML & CSS:

    HTML is the foundation of all web pages, and without it, you can’t organize text or add videos or images to your web pages. So, in short, HTML is the beginning of all the things you need to know to create an engaging web page. By applying for this certification course, you will learn the standard HTML tags, which are helpful in structure in HTML pages. You’ll also learn to create HTML tables to present tabular data effectively.

    Online Marketingcourses: Learn HTML & CSS

    The curriculum includes everything related to HTML and all its elements and structures, which are the building blocks of websites. Once you complete this course, you will master HTML and CSS. The certifications will allow you to showcase your qualification and skills to potential employers. A person interested in creating a website can apply for this certification course to build their skill and learn new things.

    And if you are thinking of becoming a serious web developer, knowledge about CSS and HTML will surely help you achieve your goal quickly. In other words, an HTML certification is a physical confirmation of your ability to work with HTML, and it holds great value in the eyes of hiring companies.

  10. Email marketing certification:

    You can get certified in email marketing through of free certification course and learn to build an email marketing strategy that can prove beneficial in building trust with your customers. By enrolling in this certification course, you can learn one of the most in-demand skills in online marketing and make it of use in your career.

    Free online courses in email marketing

    You can also master the basics of email marketing by understanding how to build an effective email marketing strategy, understanding the need of your contacts, and providing value to them. You will also learn to create a contact management and segmentation strategy, and using all your knowledge, you will be able to analyze your marketing emails.

    The curriculum also includes the learning of developing relationships with lead nurturing. Email marketing certification is a great way to understand the nuances of email marketing and deliverability, and it will equip you with tools and strategies to reach your marketing goals. In addition, certified email marketing professionals earn more than their counterparts.

  11. Introduction to digital marketing:

    As you know, with the rise of the internet, digital marketing has become the need of the hour, and most organizations and aspirants are looking to grab a career in this field. You can learn a digital marketing course, earn a certificate, and equip yourself to understand the fundamentals of digital marketing. In addition, you can use this certificate to strengthen your resume or other documents.

    Digital marketing course online

  12. Instagram marketing fundamentals:

    Instagram is the largest social media platform and has an important place in the marketing world. If you want to learn about Instagram and Instagram marketing, this course is best for you. It is also suitable for entrepreneurs, influencers, or professionals who master Instagram marketing fundamentals. This certification course will teach you how to use statistics and other techniques to build your target audience and boost your sales quickly.

    Free Instagram marketing certification course

    This free certification course is best for beginners and experts to build a good relationship with their consumers, increase brand awareness, and boost growth. You can share an Instagram marketing course certificate on your resume or LinkedIn profile.

    Then, start using incredible Instagram marketing strategies for the growth of the business; you can enroll in this course and learn managerial skills from global experts. By completing this course, you can master Instagram marketing skills.

  13. Search engine marketing:

    If you want to leverage the opportunity in digital marketing, then this course can help you. By opting for this course, you can learn the fundamentals of search engine marketing and master the critical concepts of digital marketing. This free certification course will teach you about search engine marketing, its process, functions, and implementation. You can join this course to kickstart your career in online marketing.

    Search engine marketing

    The course syllabus covers all the essential topics like introduction to search engine marketing, the difference between search engine marketing and search engine optimization, and much more. You can share this certification in your LinkedIn profile or other documents.

  14. Digital transformation:

    Nowadays, businesses require new technologies and methods to help grow. This certification course will give you information and knowledge regarding the digital transformation of business. Digital transformation refers to creating innovative or modified existing business values or procedures.
    This course is helpful to understand how digital transformation strategies can affect customer expectations and increase the competition.

    Digital transformation

    If you enroll in this digital marketing certification course, technical learning develops essential marketing skills and secures a brighter career in the industry. The course syllabus includes the nature of disruption, barriers to disruption, and other vital lessons. This certification course is recognized globally and is helpful to boost your career.

  15. Affiliate marketing:

    Affiliate marketing has been becoming popular for quite some time. With the introduction of new technologies in marketing, today’s world has grown to a new level, that is digital marketing. In this certification course, you will discuss affiliate marketing, one of the prominent branches of digital marketing. Here, you can learn and learn what affiliate marketing is and study the strategies and methods you can use to start affiliate marketing.

    Affiliate marketing

    After completing the course, you will gain enough knowledge to understand and begin affiliate marketing. The course syllabus covers affiliate marketing, including its benefits, networks, different techniques used, and principal components to create an affiliate marketing website. Without giving a second thought now, you can enroll in an affiliate marketing course and get a valuable certificate to secure your career.

    Studying marketing courses can help you understand the working of a business, learn about essential tactics, and gain tips from prominent industry leaders.

  16. AI in digital marketing:

    Artificial intelligence impacts everyone’s life in various forms. It doesn’t only mean automating the task but also improving the efficiency of any business. Artificial intelligence in digital marketing is helping digital transformation across various multinational companies. New digital models are altering the existing ways of doing business.

    AI in digital marketing

    Today, many companies are adopting digital marketing to boost their business. One of the critical concepts of digital marketing is AI. If you do the certification course, you will understand artificial intelligence and digital marketing. You will be able to explore the practical applications of artificial intelligence in the digital marketing world.

    You can learn the best digital marketing head visual intelligence programs by enrolling yourself in this course. It will be beneficial for you to stand out in the industry and get a career transition and empower yourself.

    This course will make you understand all about artificial intelligence and its scope and everything related to the topic. You know that digital marketing courses are becoming popular these days. The certification course provides you with a free certificate that is beneficial in strengthening your resume achieve a promising career.

    This course will motivate you and help you grow, improve, and develop digital marketing strategies to help your customers experience better relationships. This course will tell you about different applications or uses of artificial intelligence in digital marketing and how it is beneficial in shaping the future of digital marketing.

  17. Coursera:

    Coursera is an open online course provider with world-class professional certificates and degrees. One such course is graphic design specialization. You can make compelling designs and learn to apply graphic design principles in your marketing projects. By opting for this course will learn the fundamental skills required to be a graphic designer and will be able to understand how to communicate through image-making and typography.

    Not only that, you will learn everything required to know to work in interface design, editorial design, and motion graphics. There are numerous things you will learn through opting for this certification course.

    Online marketing courses for beginners

    These are creativity, visual communication, graphic design typography, color theory design theory, and much more. It is a 100% online course and the schedule is flexible, and no prior experience is required. Upon completing this course, you can earn a certificate, utilize your resume, and find a promising career.

    The goal of the specialization certification course is to equip learners with all the tools required in graphic design. As a result, you can learn formal studies in graphic design and effectively in motion graphics interface design and editorial design. Coursera specialization course helps you master a skill and showcase it in your projects.

    Coursera offers four courses in the specialization course. They are fundamentals of graphic design, introduction to typography, introduction to image-making, and ideas from the history of graphic design.

  18. Video marketing course:

    In this free certification course, you can learn to use your video marketing strategies and attract and engage the audience through online video marketing. This video marketing course can benefit aspiring video producers, content producers, marketing professionals, and other interested people. This course teaches how to curate a successful video marketing strategy and other critical elements related to it. It is 100% free, and you can earn a certificate and develop your skills and knowledge.

    Video marketing

    Video is easily accessible to anyone with an internet connection, and it is effortless to digest and engage. Therefore marketers like to use it to gain audience engagement. If you are qualified in a video marketing course, you can easily craft addictive videos and showcase the essential features of your business. Therefore, a video marketing course is essential to stay competitive, and it is practical too.

  19. Google digital marketing course:

    In this certification course, you can learn the fundamentals of online marketing to help your career and business. This course teaches through video tutorials, self-paced learning, and recognized certification. By enrolling in this course, you can master the basics of online marketing full of practical and real-world examples. By getting certified in this online marketing course, you can understand the core concepts of digital marketing and add this qualification to your resume and other documents.

    Google digital marketing course online

    This certificate will also help you to find a secure job. It is because this certification indicates that you have strong digital skills. Eventually, your digital knowledge will help you get promoted or find a new job. The certificate is authentic and is globally recognized.

    If you want to break into digital marketing, this free certification course is worth it. It is a great course to grow your career and your business.

  20. Social media analytics course:

    It is an excellent course for beginners and marketers who want to learn new knowledge. This free certification course covers the fundamental principles of social media analytics. The main aim of this course is to help you gain knowledge and make use of it in your business. After completing the course, you will get a certificate to add to your resume or other profiles. Many multinational companies highly appreciate the proven social media knowledge. The course curriculum includes everything related to social media analytics and why your business needs it.

    Online social media analytics course

    Social media analytics helps companies know their audience needs and an idea about what can influence their purchasing decisions. It is also helpful in calculating competitive analytics and performance analytics. If you are a qualified professional in social media analytics, companies will be proud to hire you to contribute to the growth of the business.

  21. Copywriting blunders:

    It is a certification course that helps improve your copywriting by eliminating the most common mistakes that can harm your copywriter career. Here, you will learn to write better copy, avoid the ten most common and harmful mistakes in copywriting, and understand those common mistakes. You must know how to write English and understand sales and marketing concepts to apply for this course. Lousy writing is filled with grammatical mistakes, typos, poor reasoning, etc. This course will teach you what bad copywriting looks like and the ten most common blunders that an amateur copywriter makes.

    Copywriting \

    This course is specially designed for copywriters, managers, and supervisors who review copy, aspiring copywriters, copywriters who want a checklist to compare their copy against, and anyone who hires freelance copywriters.

    The main benefit of this course is that you will learn about the common mistakes that can spoil your good copy. And thus, you will learn to avoid these mistakes.

  22. The strategy of content marketing:

    This course allows you to learn the core strategies content marketers can use to gain and retain customer satisfaction. This course will help you learn to develop, organize and implement content marketing strategies and analyze the effectiveness of content marketing. This course will equip you with knowledge and skill to put the ideas presented to you into action and make use of it to build your brand through content marketing.

    Strategy of content marketing

    This online marketing course will help you gain management, writing, copywriting, and content marketing skills. It is 100% online, and you can start instantly and learn at your schedule, and after completion, you can earn a certificate.

    The course will initially introduce you to the content marketing ecosystem and then make you able to craft a content marketing strategy. This course can prove beneficial for those who wish to begin the content marketing journey. It focuses on base points and provides detailed information and knowledge you need as a content marketer. This course can prove instrumental in your career and content marketing journey.

  23. Social media marketing professional certificate:

    Through this course, you can gain a competitive edge with excellent skills and boost your career and social media marketing with a Facebook social media marketing professional certificate. You can find this course at Coursera and gain in-demand skills to prepare yourself for a promising career. If you have this professional certificate, you don’t need any experience to kick start your career in this field. This course will help you master social media marketing skills by covering all the essential topics related to social advertising, branding, content creation, etc.

    The official certificate offered to you can be shared across your social profiles and resume. It will help you strengthen your resume and prepare yourself for interviews and work for multinational companies.

    A social media marketing job is among the most in-demand skill in today’s world. However, the pay scale is also significant, and the supply is less than the demand. So if you hold a certificate in this course, it will be easier for you to attract employers looking to fill social media marketing jobs with new skills and talents. Furthermore, by completing this course, you will gain valuable digital skills such as establishing platform presence, reporting, measurement, creating and managing ads, etc.

  24. Event marketing course and certification:

    If you want to make your career in event marketing or jump-start your event sales, you can opt for the event marketing course and certification. In this course, you will learn to master the essentials of events promotion. It will include events discovery, social media, paid advertising, website conversion, email marketing, etc.

    Online Event marketing course

    So if you want to stand out in the event industry, you can register for this certified course and gain skills. An event sponsorship course also helps you master the skills you require to manage and win event sponsors. This course will teach you how to use technologies to find sponsors and use event data to secure your sponsors. You will also learn about illustrating the value of sponsorship and research and win over potential sponsors.

  25. Paid media course:

    You can learn how to build a paid media strategy in this course. This course is specially designed for educating marketers with conditional digital advertising knowledge. It educates the marketers, and it provides the knowledge of creating effective feed media strategy that is beneficial and maximizing return on investment. This course takes you through the lessons where you learn how paid media fits into the inbound strategy and how to plan, buy, and optimize your paid media efforts.

    Industry experts will provide you with valuable advice and make you learn certain things to achieve long-term success. Directors, aspiring marketers, or marketing managers can apply for this course and learn various aspects related to paid media. The course curriculum includes the basics of paid media and using paid media to maximize your media buying budget, build the paid media plan, and much more. The learning is personalized, and you can continuously develop your skills and knowledge by opting for this course.

  26. Semrush content marketing toolkit course:

    it is a free online course where you can get expert tips and advice on using a toolkit to maximize the content marketing efforts. This course includes exclusive video lessons, and it is 100% free, and you can save your money for future investments and marketing activities.

    In this course, you can learn how to use Semrush SEO writing assistant and develop a winning social media strategy and rich content. This course also allows you to learn how to use the content audit tool to review the content and measure the content’s effectiveness. There are various tools in the toolkit, and this course will help you master the use of every tool.

    Free Online Content Marketing Courses

    These tools will help you improve your content strategy and create competitive content. If you want to make a career in content marketing, this course can help you. A team of skilled professionals prepared these courses to provide interested learners with the most relevant and updated knowledge. Upon completion of the course, you will earn your personalized certificate.

    And if you already have ample knowledge about the content marketing tool kit, you can use your skills to boost the growth of any company.

  27. Online SEO training:

    You can learn vital SEO skills by choosing this online course. The basics of SEO and WordPress are free of cost. You will be able to cover all SEO topics from beginner to advanced, and all of the topics are developed by world-class SEO experts and trained teachers. This course will help you gain essential skills and long-term knowledge.

    If you follow the online tutorials and complete this course successfully, it will be easier to optimize all on-page elements. This course allows you to learn practical SEO skills on every key aspect of SEO.

    Online SEO training

    It also provides local SEO training, keyword research training, international SEO training, E-Commerce SEO training, SEO copywriting training, site structure training, technical SEO training, understanding structure data training, and many more.

  28. Diploma in social media strategy:

    This free online diploma course will help you learn how an effective marketing strategy can make the most of social media. It will offer you the skills required to become an accomplished social media strategist. This course teaches you the rise of social media and helps you set goals and select channels, content, and platforms. In simple words, we can say that this course is beneficial in teaching you the role of social media to get ahead. With the help of the diploma course, you will be active with knowledge of using social media into professional success. It is free to enroll, study, and complete, and after the successful completion of this diploma course, you will be rewarded with a certificate.

    Once you finish this course, you will be able to outline different types of social media platforms, recognize how to develop and select applicable content, formulate and implement marketing strategies and gain knowledge related to social media strategies.

  29. Viral marketing and how to craft contagious content:

    Have you ever thought about why some things become popular at once, and others don’t. Why do some products become popular while others flop? This course will explain how things become popular and help you apply those ideas in your business to create more effective marketing ideas and products. By opting for this course, you will learn to make ideas stick, increase your influence, use the power of social networks, and better understand how to create contagious content. You will gain marketing strategy skills, marketing skills, viral marketing skills, and social networking skills by the end of this course.

    The course curriculum includes different modules that will teach you what makes ideas sticky, how social influence shapes behavior, and how social networks can spread information and influence. The course is beneficial and exciting and will prove beneficial for all those working with content. If you want to improve your influence as an effective marketer, this course can prove helpful and informative.

  30. Content marketing for B2B enterprises:

    In this course, you will learn the basics of an end-to-end content marketing process for B2B businesses. In addition to that, you will also learn to create exciting content and find industry influencers and identify promotional opportunities. Furthermore, this course offers various products to systematically create data you need to improve. This course requires a moderate understanding of marketing concepts and social network and search engine experience. A user experience with analytics platforms is also required. If you are interested in content marketing, particularly for B2B products, this course will help you a lot.

    By the end of this course, you will be able to get inside the mind of your market and create content that interests your audience. The course contains video lessons that deal with content marketing and specific tools you can utilize. It is a beneficial course for marketers interested and using content marketing strategies and for professionals and other social media professionals who want to invest their efforts.

  31. Digital advertising training course:

    digital advertising is relevant and helpful in many ways today. In this course, you will learn what journey-based advertising is, and you’ll also learn the ways to use it. Students job seekers in social media marketers can apply for this course and learn digital advertisements at every stage of the buyer’s journey. This course will also teach you to create compelling digital ads and explore social media and paid search advertising platforms. The course curriculum includes understanding digital advertising, social media advertising, paid search advertising, and many more. The course is 100% free, and you can add to your knowledge and skills and earn a certificate upon completing this course. As digital advertising has become targeted more than before, many multinational companies seek an opportunity to hire a professional. And if you hold a certificate and know what digital advertising is and how to do it, you can surely grab a golden opportunity.

  32. Udemy:

    It is an online service provider, and it offers a massive selection of online courses that are highly recommended and are worth it. The various internet marketing courses available are 100% free. Udemy also provides paid courses. Advanced SEO tactics and strategy course is a seven video lecture course that teaches SEO expertise for beginners and experts. It also offers zero-cost marketing strategies that are the official primary course.

    Udemy Online Marketing Courses

    Some other courses offered by Udemy are Google AdWords, content marketing for B2B enterprises, social media online marketing courses, etc. The paid courses of Udemy are the online marketing crash course, social media marketing for startups, internet marketing classroom. Udemy also offers discount codes that you can use for paid courses and make it more affordable. Udemy offers a broad selection of courses from which you can choose according to your interest and develop your knowledge and skills.

Advantages of a digital marketing certificate

There are plenty of advantages to earning a marketing certificate. Let us see a few of them:

  1. It will help you explore a broad range of career opportunities:

    The best aspect of digital marketing is that it is not restricted to any particular field. Every sector of the business or industry can benefit and take the help of digital marketing for boosting their business. Therefore if you have a digital marketing certificate with you, then you can quickly grab job opportunities in almost every field, whether it be small startups or large corporations.

  2. It helps increase market value:

    There is a growing demand for digital marketing skills in today’s world. And studies state that supply is not up to the demand. It means that if you have a digital marketing certification, you will undoubtedly be highly valued by companies searching for the same. It will automatically make it easier to boost your pay scale too.

  3. Enjoy flexible works:

    Most digital marketing jobs have flexible work hours. As the entire work revolves around the internet, your physical location hardly matters. If a digital marketing professional has a good internet connection, they can do their work from anywhere in the world. It is one of the significant advantages you gain while having a digital marketing certification, and you can freely perform your work efficiently from anywhere. And this is not possible in the traditional marketing approach.

  4. It has become a gold standard in the modern industry:

    With the increase in the popularity and demand of digital marketing professionals, companies have started recognizing the value of digital marketing certifications. Not only that, but they have also begun to partner up with various educational organizations to offer free online marketing courses to the aspirants. They are doing so to meet the demand of digital marketing professionals. And if you have this certification, then it means you are lucky.

  5. It helps boost your creativity and skills:

    Enrolling for digital marketing certification is an excellent opportunity to enhance your skill set and develop new skills. Digital marketing is a field that is still evolving. It helps you to learn and explore the relevant industry skills and concepts. And as you learn, it broadens your learning mindset and develops an interest in exploring more in that field. This way, once you finish your course, you are equipped with ample knowledge and skills to help the growth of marketing strategies of any company or industry. And you will find plenty of opportunities to showcase your skills and knowledge in various fields of digital marketing.

  6. Digital marketing certification courses are time savvy and affordable:

    If you wish to acquire digital marketing skills cost-effectively, then online marketing certification is the best option. Many of the digital marketing courses are available free of cost. And you can also compare and choose the best one offered by different institutions.

  7. Enjoy High-end Salary Packages:

    As there is a high demand for digital marketing professionals and supply is short, companies are ready to offer a high salary to deserving candidates. If you have certifications and skillsets, you can demand high salaries. Beginners also earn a good salary in this field, and if you are experienced, then along with the value, your pay scale also increases.

Are these online marketing courses recognized?

It is an obvious question that arises in everyone’s mind whether these digital marketing courses are recognized or not. These certificates carry much weight if you do this course from a credible and recognized institution. Many renowned companies hire qualified digital marketing professionals and have these certifications. As you already know, the current supply is less than the demand of qualified digital marketers. Therefore if you have a certification in your hands, your skills will be valued, more widely accepted, and recognized.

How is digital marketing certification beneficial?

We have already seen the advantages of holding a digital marketing certification. Online marketing is one of the fastest emergent marketing verticals in today’s world. Businesses of all kinds, whether it be a startup or a large business, are including these techniques into their marketing strategies which clearly states that there is an employment chance in this field.

If you want to achieve some specific career goals in less time, you can do this by holding a professional certification in digital marketing. These courses are designed by keeping the industry demands in mind; therefore, you will not regret grabbing any digital marketing course. Digital marketing courses give you a general overview of all the digital verticals, and also you will be able to learn something new each day.

Can a working professional do a digital marketing certification course?

As mentioned earlier, most digital marketing courses have a flexible schedule, and therefore you get the flexibility of time, location, and device. It means that you can complete the certification course from anywhere at any time. All you need is a good internet connection, and you can attend the pre-recorded sessions given by trained professionals, universities, or industry experts.

So if you’re a working professional, you can also get qualified for this certification course and use the skills in your present employment. It is also ideal for students looking for a secure job in the digital marketing field.


The courses mentioned above are great resources for budget-conscious marketers. This course helps you learn the fundamentals of any subject and gives you valuable knowledge to apply in the field. If you wish to become competitive and have time and resources to improve your education, you must check the following courses. The courses mentioned above are free, and some are not free, but yes, they are affordable and will prove beneficial in your career.

Many online course providers offer certification and training courses to teach people different subjects or fields of interest. Gaining or improving your knowledge in any field can help you boost your career or business. And one of the best ways to do this is through earning a certificate from a recognized and reputable online course.