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Are you trying to grab more listeners? More attention? Engage your audience with exciting, punchy, and creative content, in every episode? In that case, our expert writer could be your lifesaver.

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Our Podcasts Content Services In A Nutshell

We understand that having scannable, actionable, engaging, and high-value
generating content is a must when it comes to podcasts. And that is precisely
what we work towards so that you get the desired returns.

Want To Take Your Podcasts To The Next Level?

Here are some quick and simple methods that we adopt while writing content for podcasts.

Remix it up -

Remixing the previously existing content is a great way to bring about a fresh take on evergreen topics, and listeners often enjoy learning about new perspectives. The fact that remixing content is quality and time-efficient is just a cherry on top.

Keep it short -

The average attention span is diminishing with each passing day, so keeping your content short and crisp will keep the audience hooked. But make sure you produce value in the short period itself to develop loyal listeners.

Create a hype -

Sometimes, readers don’t know if they are interested in your podcast or not. That’s where our creative writers come into play, as they write engaging headings and descriptions to entice the audience in the most authentic way.

Podcast Summary Services

SEO is the key -

Search Engine Optimization is where our prime focus lies because we understand how important a role it plays in capturing higher rankings in search engine results. This gives you a solid chance to increase your visibility and get ahead of your competitors.

Call to action -

Another highly valuable technical method of deriving engagement is by adding a call to action at the end of the podcasts. Our writers understand the importance of a call to action and apply their neuromarketing skills to derive the desired result.

With these few tips and tricks, our podcast writers can take your shows to a
whole new level in terms of quality of content and engagement rates. But, how do
we allocate our words to achieve these results? Allow us to elaborate.

Podcast Writing Services

Our Smartly Curated Word Allocation

Overview/Introduction of the episode:

Within the first 100 words, we like to introduce the topic of the episode to give a quick gist about what’s going to be covered.

Introducing the guest:

The next 100 words are usually devoted to introducing the guest in the podcast, where we talk about who the guest is and their background, occupation, accomplishments, etc.

Actionable calls:

Knowing how important it is to time actionable calls, we like to do it in the third section, within 300 words or so.


Here, we talk about the main highlighting points of the podcast so that the listeners can have a fair share of valuable takeaways. This is done on a stretched word count of 500.

Transcript of the episode:

Finally, you would receive a complete transcript with timestamps, and this is not a part of the 200 words write-up.

We understand that there are quite a few players in the world of
content writing; you may wonder, what’s special about us?


So, Here’s What Sets Us Apart

  • Excellent set of writers – For any piece of content to sing well, you need professionally trained and skillful writers with a knack for creativity, and we have got just that!
  • Expertise base writers – For each podcast, only the most suitable writer is allocated, who already has a certain level of expertise over the topic.
  • Open to feedback – We value our clients’ feedback more than anything else, as it helps us generate more user-friendly and valuable pieces of content.
  • Deals worth snatching – With our subscription models at competitive market prices, you can ensure a steady flow of content to match your schedule.

What Is The Process Like?

Here’s a step-by-step description of how we like to keep things going:

Allocation of the writer

First of all, a writer with suitable expertise will find you. And after you provide other details about the required content, the writer will start working on your personalized podcast script.

Review time

Usually, within a period of 48 to 72 hours, the first piece of content reaches the client, who is then supposed to review the script thoroughly.

Any changes?

After reviewing the first draft, the client can make a call to accept or decline the script. The client is also free to request unlimited edits, and the writer will provide them until complete satisfaction from the clients’ end.
And just with these three simple steps, you can get your hands on the most enticing script for your podcast.

Here’s What Our Customers Say

These guys are great, really worth a try..

Wise About Texs

We were initially not sure about, getting content for our podcast, but now after seeing the results, we are elated. 

The Bama Beat

Good writers, understand what the client needs and deliver the best.

Jayson Waller


Is outsourcing content risky?

Absolutely not! Especially when you have professional writers to back you up with all the required technicality and creativity in writing, you have nothing to worry about.

How do we inform the writers about what we want?

To begin with, the writers are already skilled at understanding client requirements as a result of their years of experience. So, just a brief about the intent of the podcast, target audience, required voice, and personality will be enough to curate the perfect script for you.

Do you cover all topics?

We have built a team that covers all genres of content so that you don’t leave disappointed. Having made sure that we have something for everyone, we can confidently say that we cover all kinds of topics.

What type of businesses do you write for?

From small, home-based businesses to high-end enterprises and franchises, and everything in between, we write for all!

How many edits can I request?

We value customer satisfaction more than anything else, which is why we allow all our clients to request as many edits as they want. The writers will not leave the script until your sign of satisfaction.

How will you ensure authenticity in the content?

Our writers use anti-plagiarism software to full-proof that our content doesn’t match other website’s content. Other than that, we do not encourage spinning so that the originality of the content is maintained at all times.

In a nutshell, You can show complete trust in us regarding all your content creation needs,
and we promise to deliver the most impressive results. That’s the deal we like to keep.