Professional Content Writing Services

There’s a lot more to content marketing than just creating good content. SingJohn can kickstart your strategy, brainstorm blog topics, tackle SEO, or manage it all.

Professional Content Writing Services

Ongoing services

There will be no pressure on your plate as we will keep all the content marketing
efforts going forward so that you can focus on running the business.



Built-in publishing tools, unlimited edits, Great content, and very helpful support from the team.


Basic and hand-selected stock photos to flawlessly complement your drive engagement and content.


Basic + hand-picked photos, scheduling, double-checked proofreading, SEO optimization, and formatting in the CMS.


An entirely managed service for agencies and businesses. You will get everything; relax and have a drink.

Anytime Services

Provide an extra boost—whenever you are onboarding or any time you need it.


Blog topics

When you are not able to brainstorm new content ideas, we will make it rain.

Content Strategy

Don’t have any strategy, no worries. The content experts here will be guiding you towards success.

Guided Tour

One-on-one walk-through of the account with a client success specialist. Tour the platform through screen share and discover how to unleash first request to the writers.


Double the content and grab attention, including Engagement Videos.


What Types Of Content Do You Create?

We provide everything from newsletters and blog posts to eBooks, press releases, product descriptions, pillar content, and also engagement videos.

Can I See Sample Posts?

Yes. Please request a sample in the industry, or you can browse all our archive of samples on the blog.

How Do I Tell Your Writers What I Want?

You can simply brief writers on the universal preferences while onboarding and also topic-specific preferences via Requests Manager.

Onboarding is created to capture the brand requirements and target audience as efficiently and quickly as possible. Requests Manager is where you will brief writers on the particular pieces of content that you require. You can specify the type of your content, title, description of the topic, SEO details, links for research, CTAs, and other information you want to add.

We have honed the content request and onboarding processes over the years of experience to help customers communicate personality, intent, audience, and voice. We have designed the platform to help you get precisely the content you want.

What Is The Editing Process Like?

You can request unlimited edits at zero extra cost. The real process looks like track changes in Google Docs; you can go back and forth on in-line edits with a writer until you get a piece of content you’ll be happy with.

Why Is SingJohn A Subscription Service?

Content marketing does not work without content. The subscription model can keep the content flowing and the efforts on track. The continuity will also help you in building ongoing relationships with writers, so you would not need to onboard a new writer each time you need anything written.

The subscriptions are month-to-month, flexible plans with no contracts.

What If I Need To Skip A Month Of Content?

You are free to take a break from your subscription at any time if you have to catch up.

What If I’m Not Happy And Want A Refund?

Try our services risk-free. If you do not feel happy with the content, do not accept it on the platform. As long as you do not accept content, you will be able to request a full refund within a time period of 30 days.

Let Us Show You What We’ve Got.