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Retail content to keep your brand at the forefront

Ecommerce content writing and product descriptions are two important communication tools that reach your audience. To lure your customers towards your brand, you must focus on these two aspects because they are the ultimate reasons your customers will understand your product well.

The right design and vocabulary are required to convince customers, a skill your brand may lack. However, we at SingJohn will make this task a smooth ride for you.

Retail Content Writing Services

Your Service Is Our Greatest Priority

With our team of professionals, we will customize your products profoundly to catch the eyes of the viewers at the first look. Whatever your requests may be, these will be accepted and made true in the best vision.


Hardcore Team Writers

The content writers we employ have a background in sales, marketing, and retailing. With a deep understanding of the industry’s working, they will easily digest your concepts and lay them out in a written format.


Real-time services

You can write about your current sales, discounts, and latest events while the offers or the activities are still relevant.

Let customers explore your in-store or online store through a guide that you would provide. To empower this merchandise, we will provide quality content and description on your products, making them easily digestible by your audience.

Why Outsource Your Retail Content Writing With Us?

SingJohn is in the market for over decades. We have branched into various segments, including digital marketing services, content writing, social media services, etc. Our technical and professional staff have worked in different fields and hence understand the dynamics of every industry well.

We understand that the audience is our greatest asset. Our businesses begin with them and end with them. Therefore, the services we provide are tuned, keeping in mind the ease of approachability.

Tech-Savvy Retail Writers

The descriptions we provide include strong keywords used by the public about finding products online. Just a keyword and your product or service will be viable to all the customers within a click.

SEO Experts

Again, our writers are well equipped with concepts related to retail, eCommerce, and SEO. Your products must top the SEO rankings viable to a larger audience, which is possible through strong keywords included in high-quality content writing.

Customer satisfaction

Professionalism and quality work are our mottos. We assure to provide you services with the finest quality and dedication. Entrap your trust in us because most of our customers have rated us an all-star.


In-place logistics

Our customers are not poured with the burdens of managing our writers. We will take care of all the paperwork and logistics related to the writers that will work for you.

Why Outsource Your Retail Content Writing With Us?

Working with us is a simple task. Follow these two steps and connect with us today.

Step 1: Plan on your product

We will require you to know your objectives behind every brand you seek to outsource the retail content. Our writer will connect with you and engage with you regarding the content.

Step 2: Connect with our writer

Our writers are proficient in providing services within 48 to 72 hours. They will draft a format for you based on your objectives and expectations. You are free to accept, decline, or request edits.

With these two simple steps, you can collaborate with us with ease. Remember, you are our greatest priority, and so your requests will always be catered with high-quality and efficient work.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which industries do we cater to?

There are several retail industries that we collaborate with. We provide benefits to industries such as:

  • Retail chains
  • Franchisers
  • In-stores
  • Online stores

We even collaborate with professionals in these industries, including:

  • Retail marketing managers
  • Area managers
  • Store managers
  • Merchandise managers
  • Retail buyers
  • General managers
  • Inventory managers
Other extended professionals include:
  • Retail, social media managers
  • Retail photographers
  • Retail industry lawyers
  • Retail accountants

2. How will our services benefit your brand?

Every content that we design is filled with these core features highly important for digital marketing.

  • We include thoroughly researched articles. The data provided to you will be relevant, consistent, and curated. For your customers to understand your products well, we construct our content to be approachable and digestible irrespective of the educational background of the customer.
  • You get an opportunity to make several changes to the document. All these edits without any extra charges. This opportunity is rare in the market, and so you can create a constant feedback look of corrections and edits.
  • Our writers utilize highly efficient tools backed with HubSpot publishing tools and built-in WordPress. These tools evoke a high standard of writing and conceptualization.
  • Our team of customer service will always welcome you irrespective of the query. We believe in building good relations with customers, and hence in times of problems, we will always be open to finding quick solutions to your situations.

3. What are the different formats of content that we work with?

We do not obey the monotonous format of content writing and product description. Instead, we believe in being versatile with our work, and hence here is the list of formats that we deliver.

  • Excited and engaging blog posts related to various industries.
  • Hyper-local content for specific locations.
  • Ideas and suggestions for store merchandise.
  • Manager profiles.
  • True and inspiring franchisee stories.
  • About us pages.
  • Marketing strategies for managing staff blogs.
  • Retail FAQ pages.
  • Detailed and in-depth product reviews.
  • Specific demographics and retail advice.
  • Trends in retail.
  • Evaluations and comparisons between products.
  • Advice on shopping products

4. Will the writers deliver the right content?

Our writers have a profound background in IT/Programming, beauty, fashion, household supplies, boutiques and cosmetics, electronics, farmer stores, retail furniture industries.

However, this list can go on. Because they have lived the life of retail, they understand the dynamics of this industry. And hence we assure you to provide the right content without leaving any voids in your brand.

5. How is the payment done?

You can opt for a month-to-month subscription. You even get the opportunity to decide on the number of articles, the word count, and length. To build a monthly plan and enjoy the extra services that come with it.

Our skilled and professional writers create SEO-friendly content for your brand to spark in the search engine results. We provide crisp and fresh content that has undergone rigorous checking for plagiarism. Quality content is a must to attract loyal customers to your brand. We look forward to working with you and making your dream come true.

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