SEO Content Writing Services

Need top-notch SEO content, Singjohn is the right place. 

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SEO Content Writing Services
SEO Content Services For Better Content

SEO Content that is in tune with the ever-evolving algorithm. 

  • Get quality SEO content for your website and other content requirements.
  • Our writers understand how search engines work. They know SEO content for a blog is more than just keyword density and usage.
  • All the writers that we have are well aware of how to write for digital marketing and SEO.

Our writers are not aiming for word count, but for getting the best quality in content, that can beat the algorithm and excel in SERP. 

What Makes Us Different From Our Competitions


We are SEO pros

We are not any common content writing company.  Our aim is to deliver the best SEO content. We offer the best blend of keyword density, grammatical excellence, and freshness in content. 


Writers choose you, and they match on expertise

You do not have to pay for a writer based on their time. Rather, you just have to pay for the product you get because we believe in giving you the best result.


Open feedback loop

We are ready to take any feedback that you might have. As a company and our writers, we always want to grow, so all feedback is appreciated. If you want to offer some feedback, we will make sure that the following articles are how you want them.

Subscription model

With many of your competitors, you might order posts at different times. We can provide you with great articles continuously so that you can keep growing your business.

Great writers

All our writers are the best, we take pride in our team of writers. Our happy and satisfied clients bear witness to this. 

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What Will Be Included In Every Blog Post?

  • Content that answers the specific query that your end audience has.
  • Content is made in a way that it can be in sync with your audience, and it can represent the message that your brand wants to convey.
  • Proper SEO strategies are implemented, you can have unlimited edits at no extra cost.
  • The team is always ready to help you when you need it.

SEO Content Services That We Offer

Pillar Content

Pillar Content

Content Cluster

Content Cluster

There’s More…

How does it work?

The writers will create custom blog posts just the way that you want. You will receive your first content within 48 – 72 hours. After that, you can review what you receive and accept, decline, or ask us to edit certain things that you are not satisfied with in the article.

How do I tell the writers what I want?

We have experience with doing this, and all the writers will try their best and understand what you wish to communicate with them. Since we have communicated with many clients, we know what to ask and how to put the content they wish to communicate. You can tell the writers any special points that you wish for them to write, and they will do it.

Isn’t outsourcing content risky?

If you choose not to outsource your content, then that means that you would be taking time out of running your business so that you can write content. If you hire a writer, then you will have to keep checking with them and see if they are doing work that you want, and that becomes hectic. We can handle all that for you as we try and give you all your content on time and ensure that the quality is good.

Can people tell if I’m using an SEO content writing service?

If we do our jobs correctly, then you will not be able to tell the difference. Our writers will write in a way that sounds exactly the way that your brand wants it to sound. It would not look like it does not belong on your website either because we will write in the best way possible. You will own the rights to that piece of content after we give it to you.

Do I pay per blog post?

You can choose a certain number of articles, or you can also choose to get subscription plans. The subscriptions can be changed from month to month. You can choose the way that you want these blogs to look. The number of words, length of the article, everything is customizable.

Why Choose SingJohn?

SEO Content Writing Services

SEO Friendly

The content we offer is 100% SEO friendly. Once we write the content for you, you don’t have to worry about the SEO aspect of it.

Unlimited Revisions

Unlimited Revisions

Customer satisfaction is our motto and aim. So you can revise the content as many times as you like till you are 100% satisfied.

100% Original Content

We understand the fact that plagiarized content can harm your site’s auntencity and can destroy its serp rankings. So we offer only genuine, well researched and original content.

Quick Turnaround Time

We offer you the best turnaround time in content execution. There is no parallel across the niche who can match with our time management.

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