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Nobody serves better, more well-researched educational articles and
eLearning content development than the team at Singjohn.

Exceptional A-one Content

  • With remarkable industry backgrounds, the team of educational writers at SingJohn includes practicing professors, teachers, and English PhDs.
  • We assist you in building an authoritative and credible online education space for your eLearning business.
  • Execution of a proven content marketing strategy to capture a wider audience from academic stakeholders to parents and more.
SEO Writing Services For Education

“Internet is the most charming educational hub today, and with vast too many things to learn, the opportunities for your website are endless. With quality and verified content from the eLearning content creators team at Singjohn, you are assisted in building a highly engaged audience in virtually any niche.”


Do not worry about the paperwork and logistics of working with freelance writers as we at Singjohn manage it all. Custom digital content for education to save you both time and effort.

Our team of education copywriters includes professionals in the fields of traditional and non-traditional education, eLearning, academic policy, college admission, and more.

Delivering captivating and optimized blog content to drive traffic and boost engagement so you could focus on the bigger picture.


Geographically diverse content writers allow us to serve location-specific content for your establishment.

Educational content writing examples

Every Content Post Consists Of –

  • Limitless edits with no added charges.
  • Well researched and compelling education articles from professional writers.
  • Built-in HubSpot and WordPress publishing tools.
  • Supportive human assistance by team Singjohn at every step.

Variety Of Education Clients We Serve

  • Colleges & universities
  • Public education institutions
  • Private & charter schools
  • International education partners
  • Special education providers
  • Education nonprofits
  • Governmental education organizations
  • Accreditation liaisons
  • Non-traditional education providers
  • eLearning agencies


The education industry is vast. Can you serve our need for a writer who knows the subject inside out?

Yes, we can. The team of education writers at Singjohn includes teachers, advisors, administrators, professors, curriculum writers, graduate students, substitute teachers, para-educators, homeschooling teachers, and home tutors, ready to serve all your requirements.

As for the subject, the writers at Singjohn are experienced in vocational education, early childhood education, elementary, middle, and high school education, computer applications, transcript analysis, technical writing, English as a Second Language, working with urban, rural, and international populations, career studies/cooperative education museum education, education PR, university administration, music instruction, etc.

How does your system operate?

  1. Using Request Manager, brief the writers at Singjohn on your precise needs, aim, and expectations of the project.
  2. Writers in the education and eLearning industries find you via the request and get right at creating the perfect, verified, exam-worthy content for your blog or website.
  3. Most clients are delivered their first press release within 48 to 72 hours for review.
  4. The sole thing you need to do is submit details and wait for the result. Then, once you receive the draft for review – analyze, accept, decline, or request limitless edits with no added charges.

How do I discuss my requirements and details with your writers?

We understand the cruciality of matching an organization’s needs and the writer’s industry expertise, something our highly receptive writers and the system pay special care at bridging.

The proprietary content request system at Singjohn allows you to share all your requirements with the education writers quickly and easily.

What’s more, Our efficient and refined customer onboarding assists you in communicating details like the target audience, aim, project expectations, interests, tone, among other details, for a satisfactory experience.

Do I pay per article?

With Singjohn, you build a monthly plan depending on your needs, such as word length, number of articles, among other optional services. Our subscriptions are flexible, with month-to-month plans and no contracts.

Do I own the content I get written?

After a piece of content is purchased, Singjohn gives your 100% authority and rights over it. Many previous eLearning clients put their staff’s name as the author, and so can you.

Do you check the content for plagiarism?

Absolutely, Without question. Singjohn never indulges in any unethical activities or unoriginal content, whether for educational professionals or otherwise. We, with pride, deliver only unique content to our education client for seamless industry credibility, authenticity, and audience boost.

The native screening algorithm we employ is efficient in capturing any plagiarism quickly from all the new content submissions. But that’s not all; we have an active community of encouraged and incentivized writers to inform on plagiarizers allowing us to stay faultless.

What type of content should I request?

As said earlier, education is wide-ranging, and so can be your requests. The education writers at Singjohn regularly create helpful and informative content from comparisons to know how-to’s, breakdowns, policy and procedures, and a plethora more.

We prefer keeping up with trends and the latest news in the industry for eLearning content development to keep visitors up-to-date and intrigued. Our team is highly receptive and open to exploring new ideas and subjects.

Can your writers write for my education industry niche?

Certainly! The diverse and experienced team of copywriters at Singjohn are fully engrossed in every aspect of the education industry, allowing us to create only the most precise and perfect content.

Our content is fact-checked, with sources mentioned. As much as we like to present new content, so do we like to explore and learn, and therefore, greet a variety of niche-specific education industries.

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“The tone, writing style, and message delivery met our blog post requirements spot on. Looking forward to getting more work written.”

“Did I expect it to be good? Yes. But, this good? No. We are glad to have found you, regular clients,
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