Essential steps for the content marketing strategy are high-quality content, improved traffic, and great revenue. They all are intertwined. All other metrics are secondary to them. More Valuable and interesting content gets more traffic and earnings. Content Marketing has been proven beneficial for B2B and B2C companies, creating more interesting content. Appropriate content will always drive traffic, conversion, and engagement.

These great insights help to get tremendous results. Here are six content marketing strategies to help you develop highly engaging content that will draw the potential audience to your site

  1. Align your tone to the audience interest

    The first and foremost element is to take care of aligning your tone to the target audience. The tone is very important in your content as it conveys the appropriate feelings and thoughts you want to say and adds strength to your content. Understanding of tone and voice in the composition provides you with an edge over the quest. Your tone can be intimate, informal, formal, ironic, playful, solemn, etc.

    Content marketers sometimes overlook these aspects because they are more focused on SEO content, but they are the expressions that add flavors to your content. This is one of the fundamental reasons writers struggle to entice readers because they somehow miss paying attention to the tone.

    The overall attitude or tone of a writer should be appropriate to the purpose and audience. It can be achieved by visualizing the same situation while writing. The main objective of writing is to provide the audience with food for thought, to inspire them with your creative writing. A promising content writer writes the way you speak. Your tone and vision should pull the target audience close to you. Don’t use a formal style in your blog posts to attract new readers with the content marketing process. People want genuine answers to their problems. Hence it’s good to create high-quality content with new and interesting ideas. It’s good to stick to relevant topics and use the right tone, and certainly, you will make an audience that has faith in you.

  2. Encash third party data and utilize it well

    Third-party data is nothing but the information taken from secondary sources like online posts, blogs, videos, ebooks, web courses, etc. Since it is not first-hand information, you should be very cautious while using it. However, if used wisely, it can turn out to be a blessing in disguise for you, especially when you’re an amateur in the content writing industry. For years authors have used references from other sources simply because it is easy for idea generation and for building on it further.

    Do you reckon why writers read many books, even the ones that are not their forte? Their primary motive behind this strategy is to generate more ideas. Guess what? Warren Buffett, the American business magnate, mentions that he sits all day in his office and reads. His estimated time reading and pondering books at work is 80%. Although reading alone can not lure an audience. However, it will certainly influence the way you present your ideas. Go one step ahead, deep dive into books, research studies to reflect upon your learnings in the best possible manner.

    For instance, if you refer to Stephen King’s 20 tips for becoming a frighteningly good writer, you’ll be amazingly impressed with the tricks and tips. Jon Morrow also provides a lot of insights for improving your writing skills. The most striking thing is creating a list of content you can play around and then highlight the ones you think the majority of your audience will fall for.

    There’s big data available online. How would you choose the right one to encash upon?

    Jon’s recommendation is praiseworthy. As per him, pick up the ones that will attract 80% of your readers. This is critical, as it won’t garner any viewers on your website if it doesn’t interest people. Your content marketing strategy should be based on a thorough analysis. For instance, if you are writing about social media marketing, then don’t forget to check out marketing statistics on HubSpot. Given below are the steps to level third-party third party data available on HubSpot:

    #1. Visit HubSpot marketing statistics page

    Hit the social media link button.

    #2. Look for statistics relevant to your topic.

    #3. Create compelling titles for your content.

    Ted Nicholas states 73% of the buying decision is based on the title. Prioritize your content if 8 out of 10 people read the label.

    Once you come up with an attractive title, the rest of the article finds its place and garners a good track. Create effective blog content by choosing an appropriate title first before even you begin your introduction.

  3. Visualize and write for a single reason

    Typically, everyone reads content online alone only, not with a group of friends. In the same way, you should visualize one individual as the targeted reader for the content. Visualizing and writing to one person at a single time is a quick way to find your voice, and it gives your content more power.

    This way, your content will engage the audience better since every individual will read it and feel a special association. Your words have the power to impact lives and get paid while transforming the world. Blog writing is a strategy where you need to integrate certain words that personalize the reader’s experience.

    Readers will start to care for you when you deliver great value. However, it takes time to gain people’s trust in you. When readers connect with you, they will share your content on digital media networks. There are no set rules for content writing, and it should be relatable and connect to the audience. When you impact their lives tremendously, your audience will seek you out.

  4. Create a controversial post

    It’s good to create controversial write-ups to shake things up by tackling a difficult topic. Such topics go viral all around. Strong-hearted and bold individuals make such type of content. However, you have to back up your points and ideas with accurate data and authentic sources. Your design is accountable for pulling people. It would help if you were careful enough to create such content, and you should have solid proof with you then you can gain thousands of visitors.

    You have to enhance your brand appearance online and make a mark among the masses. You have to be 100 % sure of the facts to win the audience’s heart and more traffic on your website or blog. Ideally, a balanced approach is always better, and voice your opinion with facts and figures why you believe certain things or why you choose one side.

  5. Integrate user feedback

    Incorporate user feedback into your content and data, as they are primary sources of reasoning for customers’ preferences from companies. Many times, anyone who has been involved in content writing can have a wish to get a reply directly through the site visitors or users. This is an incredible thing to achieve. The true essence of the content should be convincing and relevant to the write-up. Have you shared your article with correctly picked folk? Even very successful authors don’t want to write to influence anyone.

    Big authors avoid writing to control someone. They know that writing to influence is not worthy and maybe go in vain. Rather than they compose to convey their beliefs and sentiments according to the vast knowledge that they possess about their audience. You can get content through viewers’ replies more than viewers’ responses, suggestions, and worldview.

    This is a great source to know people’s views because everyone has a wide knowledge. It would help if you connected with them. You can get viewers’ responses from so many techniques. You will certainly get your answers from any method, so you like getting related opinions and their queries.

  6. Use visual assets to improve the content’s perceived value

    It has been observed that the senses respond to visuals better than text; typically, 50% of the brain is involved in visual processing. A key factor behind top social media platforms like Instagram and Pinterest is a super success because the main content uploaded, distributed, and shared is visual.

    Images and videos are the delights of content marketers, and it is more preferable instead of text. They use visual assets, such as videos, interactive content such as polls, surveys, quizzes, infographics, or Slideshare presentations.

    One of the most effective visual assets for generating authority links, growing organic traffic, and improving brand awareness. Infographics demand to improve. Professional Graphics designers can help you out in creating and distributing infographics.


Content creation is one of the best ways to make a mark in the world and give value to society. Bloggers, content creators understand the significance of well thought and purposeful content. It’s not easy, though, but you can achieve it by using the strategies shared here.