The biggest challenge every marketer tries to conquer is displaying their content on the first page of Google. There are various hurdles a marketer has to cross to achieve the goal, continually adapting to the ever-evolving search changes, understanding the many SEO-related techniques, and applying them to their content. No marketer can be ignorant to these factors because what you omit is precisely what lands your rival ahead in the race.

As mentioned above, there are various factors that a marketer needs to be aware of, one of which is: Producing Pillar Content.

Those interested in SEO and its workings must be well aware of content pillars and topic clusters; however, if you aren’t, don’t worry, as we have got you covered. Pillar content has existed in the market since 2013 in one form or another; however, it is only recently that the method has garnered its due attention. Hearing about pillar pages and knowing their actual functioning and importance are two very different aspects.

So, ask yourself whether you are genuinely aware of pillar content and its working? It doesn’t matter, as this guide here will help you understand the crux of pillar pages; along with that, it also helps you know how exactly you can apply pillar content to improve your SEO efforts.

What is pillar content?

First, let’s take a few seconds and understand pillar content and its functioning. Pillar content is an informative page that covers all significant aspects of a topic in a broad sense. This topic has only been addressed broadly and is further reported in a detailed manner in cluster blogs hyperlinked back to the pillar page.

What is pillar content

For easier understanding, let us say you write a pillar page on digital marketing – a broad topic – and a piece of cluster blogging on content marketing or influencer marketing. This more specific keyword falls within the paradigm of the general topic.

Pillar pages or content serves as a foundation for many related pieces of content and hence are longer than your regular blog post. However, they do not provide in-depth knowledge of any particular topic, just an overview of various related content pieces.

The goal of a savvy marketer should be to create a pillar page that can answer a few overlying questions about a particular topic while leaving space for more detailed information in the following and related cluster content.

How does building content help with SEO?

  1. Builds internal linking

    Creating quality backlinks is crucial in garnering a sense of credibility on search engines; however, internal links also work wonders in the SEO world. These links help in proving a better understanding of your site. For example, if you write content about “How to promote your business with Instagram “and hyperlink this back to a pillar page about social media marketing, search engines will better understand what these two pages convey.

    Builds internal linking

  2. Boosts your engagement

    Pillar pages are also a piece of content, so you must write them as well as possible. If the pillar page is well-written and well-structured, it will motivate users to read more. With this, when you pair easy organization and maneuvering on your website, users will be inclined to stick around. Remember: the longer viewers stick around your website, the better the ever-important search engine providers judge your website.

  3. It covers more search queries

    When someone is looking to buy a new phone, they are least likely to only type in the word “phone” into the search bar. The single word “phone” is too vague a query and will result in numerous irrelevant searches for the user. This is why search engines are particular these days, are continually getting more extended and detailed. Pillar pages are long-form content and are beneficial in covering a wide range of long-term keywords similar to those users are using to find their desired content. As a result, pillar pages turn up automatically in bulk in search engines results.

  4. It helps you become an authority

    When your website starts being viewed as a site of authority within your industry, your pillar page starts getting healthy and beneficial attention, including backlines from reputable sites and blogs.

  5. Increase page rankings

    When you manage to get all the points mentioned earlier in your website or content, the result is one – a betterment in your Google page rankings for your pillar content. The benefit of an enhanced order isn’t just seen on your pillar page, but it can be seen throughout your website and other content pieces.

    Increase page rankings

    So now you understand why pillar content is essential to have a positive outcome regarding your website and SEO rankings. Yes, the importance is evident, but how does one write a pillar content? Well, keep reading ahead to find out more.

How to create effective pillar content?

After understanding the importance of pillar content, you understandably want to know more about it. So before you start working at the deep, you need to understand a few basics that will help form the structure of successful pillar content.

How to create effective pillar content?

  1. Settle on a topic

    As you know, pillar content is based on a broad topic, one which can be hyperlinked to several other contents, and so you have to keep that in mind while deciding on a topic. The first significant aspect is to ensure that the case falls under your industry. You only want to work on the content that is of interest to your audience.

    In addition to that, choose a topic that isn’t too broad or too narrow. Make a list of all the ideas you have next; check out the competition and the demand. Now check for the common denominator in all these factors and make your choice. Sometimes your competitors have already covered a topic; however, if you think you can do it better and more informative and creative, go for it.

    It is crucial to give a lot of thought to your pillar topic as you will have to create cluster topics around the topic shortly. So, think and then decide.

  2. Keyword research

    Pillar content provides you with the golden opportunity to target all the keywords, even those with low search volume. If you wish to make your pillar content, success in working on keyword research is crucial. Without that, the chances of success are zero. When including keywords, do not just focus on a few standards or high search volume phrases.

    Try to include all possible keywords, even those not frequently used in the search engine. Pillar contents allow you to have an assortment of the right keywords, all of which can be included naturally. Adding keywords gives search engines a better impression of your site and data.

    Keyword research

  3. Producing your pillar page

    Let’s recap you have selected a topic you have a list of all the keywords you should include; now, it’s time to gather up your data and craft your content. Pillar page writing is similar to blog post writing. You need:

    • Well-researched and informative data
    • An easy to retain and compelling structure
    • An engaging writing style to keep your readers hooked.

    It is also suitable to mention that writing quality content is no walk in the park. So, pay attention to all the crucial details and ensure that the final draft of your pillar page lives up to the standard of your website.

  4. Connecting the dots

    Onto the last stage of the pillar writing strategy: connecting all dots. Content marketing pillars are only effective as long as they are well related to your cluster topics. When adding the cluster topics, try to see that the hyperlink text matches each cluster topics keyword phrase. Also, ensure that with each cluster content, you add a backlink back to the pillar page.

    A rule of thumb is trying to add as many internal links as you can without hampering the user experience. The pillar page serves as the centerpiece, while the cluster contents are the extension of the centerpiece.

In conclusion

There you have it all about pillar content and its importance within the SEO world. As you know, improving the SEO rankings is all marketer’s dream, and to fulfil that dream, a marketer needs to apply all the tactics and techniques he can. Pillar content is one such tactic, and when done right, it can yield the best results and change a website’s image for good.