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Video Writing Services
Video Writing Services

The Power Of Video Content

Video content has emerged as the leader in content marketing. Be it social media or any other platform, businesses are relying heavily on video content. Yet, if you look at the top global brands or top social media accounts, there is one thing in common. A creative and engaging video content.

It is a well-known fact that content marketing plays an important role in building your brand value and reaching the target audience. As a result, video content is now becoming the most preferred form of content with audiences. Be it DIY, brand information, or entertainment, video content is ruling.

Why Choose Our Video Content?


Videos are a Great Way to Promote your Product

Video is a powerful tool to let people know about your brand or your product. We will present it in a way that is engaging and informative. If you have content ready, we will convert it into a video as per your requirement.


Videos are used in Multiple Ways

Use it as social media content to reach a diverse audience. Videos can be used as a live streaming event for promotion and interaction. Use videos for webinars and tutorials. Videos can be uses on-on-one level marketing.


Videos are great for SEO

Google search engines include YouTube video content on top of the search page. With increasing popularity, the search engines know people prefer video content.


Videos Gives you Better Returns

In a survey conducted by WYZOwl, 83% of businesses have acclaimed to have got better returns on investments by their video content marketing.

Why Choose Our Service?

We don’t create just Video content.

We Create your Dreams!

We offer a wide range of services. With Singjohn, you get the best services at the best price. We don’t just make videos, but we deliver the content required to give a true projection of your dreams and goals.

Here are a few things you get with our video content services.


We have the right length that you need. From a short 30 sec video to a detailed DIY, we create the right length that you need.

Our content is designed and made after putting in a lot of research to deliver an engaging video for your audience.

We offer high-quality video content at the most competitive rates in the market.


We have specially designed and formatted video content for social media.


We can create the right video content from your video theme.


Our content is well-edited, crisp, clean, and to the point.

Video Marketing Statistics

Video Content Statists You Need to Know

  • More than 85% of businesses are using video content as a marketing tool.
  • More than 92% of marketers agree that video content is the best strategy.
  • More than 80% of brands believe video content has helped in increasing their sales.
  • 99% of content marketers will be using video content in the future.
  • More than 84% of customers were convinced to buy a product by seeing a video.
  • Landing pages with video receive 80% more engagement.

Three Ways to Get Your Video Content


Only video

  • Video only subscription.
  • You provide the video, and we deliver the content.
  • No subscription required.
  • No written content required.

Content Video

  • Written content and video together in a subscription.
  • Receive video automatically.
  • Video delivered with every piece of content.

Video On Demand

  • Choose to add a video with your content.
  • Choose the length of the video.
  • Choose when you want the video.

Get Your Videos Made in 3 Steps

1. Get in Touch

  • Tell us about your content.
  • What CTA’s you want to add.
  • What Aspect ratio you need.
  • Let us know your brand logo.
  • Any other aspect like MP4 clip or images that you want to include.

2. Receive your Video

  • Once we’ve made the video, we will send you.
  • Receive the video file via email or any other way you prefer.
  • Request edits after checking the video file
  • We can take two edits free of cost.

3. Upload and Promote your Brand

  • Post your video on social media, website, or advertisements.
  • Show off at brand promotions.
  • Start a meeting with the video.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What all is included in your Video Package?

We have different customized packages according to the length of the video that you need. All our custom videos are created from the content that you will provide us. We also have custom designs from where you can choose. If you need paid photos that need to be inserted, we will do that along with two editing rounds free of cost.

How do I send my content or brand info for making the video?

You can get in touch with the pop-up window or directly sending a message or email to us. We will get in touch and guide you with all the steps required to be done. We also have a customer info form to help us know better about your brand and needs while making a video.

How much time will it take to complete the video?

Our normal turnaround time is 72 hours from placing the order or three business days. If you are placing your order on Thursday to Saturday, we will take four business days. For edits, we normally take 48 hours. If you have ordered a detailed DIY video to be made from scratch, we will take at least a week.

If I need to include a voice-over, can it be done?

Normally we do not include voice-over. However, if it is a mandatory requirement, you can tell our editing team, and we will surely help you.

Will I be able to edit the videos once I own the rights?

The final video is delivered to you in MP4 format. Since you own the video after making the payment, you have the full right to edit it on your own. However, we do have editing rounds for this purpose to help you.

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