Why Should You Buy White Papers From a Content Development Agency?

The important thing that you need when you run a business is an excellent marketing strategy. It is quite natural to appeal to people only when you know their mindset and know what they expect. You may not have products or services of industry-leading quality at the very beginning when you start your business.

Still, at that time, your focus must be to sell your business. What we mean is you need to market so that your products appeal to the masses. As we know, marketing on the Internet is crucial, which is why buying articles online just won’t cut it. It would be best if you had rich data-filled, high-quality content, i. e, White papers.

White Papers

Why Would You Need White Papers?

When you have a business of your own, you have probably bought articles online to advertise and market your business. You also may have bought blog content as publishing frequently is essential to creating a foolproof inbound marketing strategy. Yet, have you ever thought of supporting your marketing strategy with white papers? So that brings us to the next question- what are white papers?

White papers can be defined as content written in the long-form, which gives extensive information on the solution of a problem after an in-depth explanation of the problem itself. White papers put forward such solutions derived from thorough, all-inclusive research, abundant data, and cogent analysis by an industry expert. The content in White papers guides buyers through the maze of intricacies of the world of digital marketing. Though they don’t explicitly make a sales pitch, they make complex problems easy to solve with credible research and expert insights.

Unable to decide whether to incorporate White Papers in the
website content services of your business? Think about this:


According to the Content Marketing Institute, no less than 65% of business-to-business marketers incorporate white papers in their content writing strategies.

76% of clients who buy white papers leave their contact information while buying, as reported by the Content Preferences Survey of 2017.
53% of marketing firms say without a doubt that white papers drive more leads than if you don’t use them, and around 40% of them drive conversions.

You should know that neglecting white papers would mean you give up a vital tool to generate potential leads and help build your authority. Instead, you need to partner with one of the more experienced copywriting agencies to create high-quality white papers that would be advantageous for you over your competitors. Then, when you start using this long-form, high-value content, it will open new doors for your brand as a leading industry expert while offering the best value to your prospects.

How Will Buying White Papers Benefit you?

Most brands go the usual way of marketing and buy blog posts. Others may use certain services for the content writing on the web to purchase articles online as a part of their marketing strategy. But how do you make your investments more worthwhile? How can you get better returns for your investments? The answer is buying white papers and making them an important part of your content strategy. You could outsource this type of web content for multiple reasons, some of which are:

The marketing team of your company wouldn’t have the capacity to take on additional tasks

Your planned topics for white papers aren’t very strong.
You may not have
enough budget to hire an additional writer.
Your employees do not possess enough skills to create this type of content.

Thus, outsourcing white papers is an intelligent route to follow. That way, your marketing team would concentrate on their daily tasks better. At the same time, you will also get top-quality content tailored to the specifications you desire. While not every content writing company can provide you the best possible services, Virtucom Group can give you the content you require and desire due to their all-encompassing experience since they have been in the field for over a decade. Furthermore, we can work on any white paper project you need and deliver them according to your specifications, thus adding zero work to your team.

Why Should You opt For Singjohn Group’s White Papers,
And How Will we Help Your Business Flourish?

An abundance of leads:

Today, it is quite understandable that any client would want sufficient returns for sharing their individual information. It is also quite natural that any client would do thorough research before buying anything. White papers, with their all ample, detailed contact and data-backed solutions, would, thus, have a better chance at converting likely prospects to leads.

A reputation that commands the industry:

Giving your potential clients such detailed web content shows how invested you are in your clients. Thus, it would give them an incentive to purchase from your company. White papers fortify your brand’s reputation to ensure the prospects visiting your sites don’t just become your clients but also your brand’s biggest proponents.

Tested strategies that deliver industry-leading results:

Singjohn is not your average place online where you can buy articles to promote your business. It is one of the industry-leading content development agencies that create every new content tailored to the client’s specifications and needs. The services provided by singjohn include an in-depth analysis of the customers you have, personas, mindsets, and business ambitions.

The writers at singjohn are all experts in their field. Their content is reviewed with utmost attention to detail by editors, who have had many years of experience. Thus, you can rest assured that your white papers would be delivered accurately and free of even the smallest error every time.


Singjohn has been in the content writing industry. It has been a content writing and development agency for many years. It has grown and flourished with the times in the industry. Every writer and editor in our group has the knowledge, commitment, and talent to propel your business forward by amalgamating rich, captivating content into your inbound marketing.


Q1. Are there different types of white papers?

White papers are of various types though there is no universal system that categorizes them accurately. However, most white papers fall into any of the three categories- A backgrounder (which gives the benefits and technical features of any service or product), a problem/solution (which gives a detailed and improved solution for a persistent problem, and a numbered list (which gives a somewhat informal and lively set of concerns or points surrounding a particular topic).

Q2. What is NOT a white paper?

The term “white paper” may be frequently thrown around in the content writing industry. However, people need to understand that not every document or page of content is a white paper. A white paper can be defined by long and detailed content that helps a business person or client understand the solution to any problem or help them decide. Application guides, manuals, pocket guides, troubleshooting guides, tutorials, etc., cannot be termed white paper.

Q4. White papers and blogs: What is the difference?

These two are quite simple to tell apart. White papers are generally PDF downloads comprising some 3000 to 5000 words. They are based on facts and are like an extensively researched article for an industry journal. White papers are created by the strenuous efforts of a group of people over a few weeks.

Blog posts comprise 600 to 1800 words, and they can be finished in a couple of hours by a single person. Blog posts are opinions or thoughts of the writers. Blog posts are an effective way to write down your ideas and opinions as they formulate.

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